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I don't know why I suddenly find it so hard to write in here. I guess it's good that I don't feel the need to write down every little thing that happens anymore (though I still do a lot of that on Twitter and/or Tumblr when I'm bored), but I always wanted to keep a record of the most important events in my life so I could look them up later. I've tried everything - from jotting down a keyword or two everyday to detailed accounts done as soon as I got around to them, digital and on paper, offline and online, organised and disorganised. None of these methods worked. Either I eventually forgot I'd been doing it and didn't realise I'd stopped until weeks later, or I started leaving out things that were actually important so that the end result was more of a collection of random snippets. Having an audience helped for a while, but evidently that time is now over.

Maybe creating some sort of automated archive of my tweets, status updates et cetera would be the way to go. I already use Twitter to look up information such as "when the fuck did I wake up yesterday" on a regular basis, so why not? There'd be a lot of useless clutter in something like that, but better too much than too little. How could this be done, though? IFTTT sadly cannot fetch tweets, only Facebook statuses. And where would I put it all? Evernote?

... I just tried to end this post on an actual story from my life, but my brain immediately went, "Nope! Too tired."

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