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Some might think it a contradiction that I love winter so much when I get cold easily and the lower temperatures negatively affect my body. I can easily counter this with "no insects and no pollen, dude", but that's not all there is to it.

Whenever I made the mistake of mentioning that I was cold when I still lived with my family, my mother would tell me to go do some chores then, or exercise. (She also liked to claim that she never got cold herself, being so busy and all. *rolls eyes*) But what she failed to understand was that I hated being hot as well, and physical exertion didn't merely make me warm. It made me hot and fucking miserable. And then, if I was particularly unlucky, about twenty minutes later I'd end up even colder than before ... except my head would still be as hot as if I had a fever. That's not pleasant!!

For some reason I don't think I ever managed to explain this to her properly. Maybe it didn't occur to me because I hadn't realised it yet back then. All I know is that every single time I feel exhausted and cold with a too-hot head now, I have to think of her and get angry.

Cold is a manageable evil. You can protect against it or turn up the heating. As long as I'm wearing the right clothes, I love being outside in winter. Cold is merely an absence of something while heat is this crushing presence. Stepping outside in summer can feel like walking into a wall, but stepping outside in winter feels like walking into empty space. That's why I like it. It makes me feel bigger than I am. And free.

(Also, less sunlight that causes screenglare and/or makes my eyes hurt! What's not to love? :P)