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Lin ([personal profile] faevii) wrote2013-05-08 09:26 pm

Luck & Chance

Hey look, it's me again. I'm actually spending the night at home today, not posting by email.

So, remember when I (relatively) recently mentioned an older post of mine and said, "I just went looking for that post, but only found the last time I mentioned not being able to find it"?? Well, the other day I totally accidentally stumbled across the very post I was referring to. IMAGINE THAT. I originally just wanted to make sure I was correctly remembering in which year I moved out, but then I found some of the stuff that I wrote at the time so entertaining that I kept clicking the "next post" arrow. And then suddenly, there it was!

Speaking of stumbling upon things, I know this is going to sound ridiculous but I've been finding cents on the ground (or elsewhere) with such regularity that I honestly feel like I'm being sent a message or something. The first two were on consecutive days. Then I made a joke on Twitter like "Can't it be an euro next time?" and it promptly didn't happen again for quite a while. The third time was yesterday. I felt like my punishment for the comment (or possibly for something else but I don't want to talk about that) was over and I'd been given another chance. (At what? I don't even know. What do I expect this to end in?!) So I tried very hard not to think any thoughts that might jinx it again, and here's the best part: Guess what I found today? A freaking five-cent coin, that's what. Yeah. If nothing happens tomorrow I am going to be very sad ... but wait, I shouldn't have said, that, should I?? >_<

Sudden superstitiousness aside (ha, as if I hadn't always had a tendency to see ~signs~ everywhere), I've been feeling pretty good and even my last conversation with the hospital doctor was mostly constructive. She said she'd have to talk to her boss before putting me back on Cymbalta, but sounded optimistic about it. So I'll hopefully be almost pain-free again soon, and if I don't react unexpectedly to the new combination of meds, I'll be able to leave. Hooray. :) I'm still working on non-pharmaceutical ways to promote better sleep, though.

Also I have changed my journal title and subtitle because of reasons. (They're song lyrics again now. AWOLNATION, Soul Wars. One of my favourite songs at the moment.)