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Lin ([personal profile] faevii) wrote2013-05-23 07:52 pm

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Oh hey, I eventually decided to lie down for a while and it totally helped. I need to remember to do this more often, no matter how many people have warned me against naps and inactivity because of my insomnia. I may be stronger and almost pain-free now because the Cymbalta happens to work so well, but I do still have a physical condition and I must not forget that.

I keep getting these skeptical reactions from doctors and nurses when I tell them that sometimes I simply need rest - or when I answer questions like "Where does it hurt?", for that matter - despite the fibromyalgia diagnosis. It's like they all think that "common knowledge" such as "young people's feet don't hurt after grocery shopping" or "twenty-somethings are full of energy" should still apply to me regardless, which makes no sense considering the whole definition of fibromyalgia could practically be summed up as "You feel like you're a lot older than you really are."

So I will just have to ignore their advice and remind myself that resting is okay. Often it only takes ten minutes of lying down to recover, anyway.