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Lin ([personal profile] faevii) wrote2013-09-05 02:23 am

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My therapist has recommended that I apply for disability. I was surprised by the way she said it, as if she wouldn't suggest this to just anyone. I mean, she's barely talked to me a handful of times and she already believes that my problems are pretty serious?? I ... I don't quite know how to process that. I'm used to wasting a lot of time trying to convince people I'm not exaggerating.

She brought it up because she thinks there might be a boarding school for people with disabilities that I could attend after all - great news if it's true, but she wasn't sure if there were age restrictions. I'm supposed to inquire at the labour office, which ... okay. Somehow I doubt they'll be of much help? But they wanted to see me anyway, so I'm waiting to be sent an invitation. In the meantime I can tell Mrs D about this new turn of events and ask her how to do that whole disability thing.

I don't know how I got here from thinking I could move to Hamburg and go to a normal school.