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Considering that I'm only going to be home until tomorrow evening, I just bought quite a huge load of stuff. Well. Part of it was simply that I happened to need all kinds of things at once, and then I found this tiny food processor that I could actually afford, ALDI had pretty wrapping paper and I thought it would be nice if I owned a hair dryer (a really cheap one, travel-sized) ... Soon enough my trolley was full and in the other hand I was carrying a full bag and a pack of toilet paper.

Fortunately I don't need to worry about money much this month because I won't be present for most of it, which should drastically reduce the amount of food I'll need to buy. I thought I'd have to worry anyway, what with those weird lottery/raffle thingies that I accidentally signed up for, but that's one of the things that Mrs D is handling now. She says it's best to simply cancel all of it and that this should not be difficult to do. Okay. Good. I would have liked to win something, of course, but ... it's not a good time for taking risks, really.

The weather is so nice today, I keep thinking I should use the chance to take a walk ... but I'm still exhausted from carrying everything home, urgh.
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Because A wanted to stop by today, I made an extra effort and finally managed to clean up the living room a bit. Aside from that, I'm mostly busy rediscovering how much getting up in the afternoon sucks. It's so hard to find the time to go grocery shopping that way! Bah. And you can't make any important phone calls, either.

I suppose I will devote the rest of this short day to cleaning the floors, before I finally take a shower. Yikes. (I always feel the need to do these two things in that order. Since I shower every other day under normal circumstances, that means I also vacuum the kitchen and the bathroom every other day. Every sixth day or so they get mopped, and randomly I will include the hall. It works out somehow. Now, the carpeted rooms on the other hand ... no system in place at all there.)

In other news, I sort of appear to have won something. I'm not entirely sure what, or how for that matter. I participated in several free online lotteries lately, yes, but those were for prices like an XBox or a laptop! Not ... that. I'm not sure how to describe it. I suppose I have won the opportunity to play Lotto for free for three months (starting in September), with a much higher chance of winning than usual? It sounded a bit sketchy. I'm awaiting a confirmation on paper, which will hopefully make a little more sense. It would be nice though. Imagine winning €100 every week for three months, or something! Just what I need right now ...


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