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Saturday, February 4th, 2012 04:32 am
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Oh my goodness. It has come to my attention that some of the tiredness I've been suffering from lately may have been due to the beginnings of a simple iron deficiency. Thank you, random Tumblr post that had nothing to do with me whatsoever and that I got very close to not even seeing. D: I don't think I would have figured this out by myself! If it's true, that is. But it makes sense - I had noticed that something about it felt slightly different than usual.

Here's how I believe it happened:

- I realised that I could eat dairy and grains again.
- I ate a lot of dairy and found that I didn't seem to need meat anymore.
- I stopped eating meat altogether.
- Because I didn't need beans and chickpeas for protein anymore (cheaper than meat; what little meat I used to eat was probably in response to beans and chickpeas lacking fat), I kind of forgot about those a bit. Same with tofu, although I never bought that regularly in the first place (not cheaper than meat).

I've been reading up on iron-rich foods, and what did I find out? Dairy not only doesn't contain much iron, it even makes it harder for the body to absorb the stuff. Meat is obviously the best source of iron, and iron from other sources is harder to absorb in general. Vitamin C helps with that, but I probably haven't been consuming enough vitamin C, either. Both beans and tofu contain decent amounts of iron. Need I say more?? The timing fits, too.

Now, I know you're supposed to get deficiencies confirmed by a doctor before you start taking supplements, but I'm not really up to that sort of thing at the moment. I'll just try to keep an eye on the iron in my diet and drink a lot of orange juice during meals. Maybe if I can find a comparatively weak iron supplement somewhere, I'll also take that. I don't think it's easy to get an overdose while being vegetarian.

'By the way, about that ...' - in which I go off on a tangent on what's up with the sudden vegetarianism )

Food Update

Monday, December 12th, 2011 08:25 pm
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It still seems entirely possible that my body can handle gluten after all. There have been some mild ... say, digestive disturbances of several kinds since I stopped avoiding it, but they weren't bad and might well have had a different cause. We'll see.

Being able to eat bread again has really come in handy on my worse days. I often find myself thinking things like "Oh no, I barely managed to make tea and put the dishes in the sink to soak before I needed a break, it'll be hours until I can cook something ... wait, I could just eat bread!" Rice crackers were never that helpful in that regard because I needed to eat like a ton of them to stay satisfied for longer than an hour.

Being able to eat butter instead of margarine is also nice, but I can't say I missed the endless waiting for it to get softer. I forgot to check which is cheaper, though. Probably the margarine, but then cheap margarine doesn't taste very good and butter is butter no matter which brand you choose. I like that about it. A single ingredient, no variations. I find uncomplicated food sort of reassuring.

I wonder if I am saving money already or if the fact that I bring back a few "I need this because I haven't had it in ages" foods each time I go shopping has prevented that so far ...
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Change of plans. I decided to spend some time getting stuff done instead of going to bed ridiculously early. It was probably a bad idea, but then again ... I hardly did a thing during the last two days, so there was catching up to do. I'm not sure I would have been able to handle that tomorrow, if my past reactions to sleeping "normally" are anything to go by. It always seems to make me feel like crap in the physical sense, to be honest. I can think more clearly and have less trouble writing, but don't ask me to get up from my chair! Ugh.

I'll just ... stay awake again and continue as planned tomorrow? Hopefully this time I won't fall asleep on my chair. How do I even do that all the time?! It's not exactly comfortable ...

One of the things that I did was to buy a lot of food. I decided that it was time to move on from being all tentative about gluten-containing stuff by now, even though I still wouldn't say I'm convinced that I can eat it. What if the whole dilemma with the debilitating stomach cramps and you don't want to know what else suddenly does start up again? What if it takes a month for that to happen? It's not impossible, so I remain skeptical. But for now I am going to eat normally and thus I found myself faced with an abundance of ~OPTIONS~ at the supermarket. It was so hard not to buy everything at once! Dairy, too. I mostly walked around with a kind of dazed smile on my face, staring at the shelves in amazement but unable to decide what to reacquaint myself with first. XD I guess I did all right in the end. There will be spagetti later!!

Something funny happened when I walked past the ice cream section. I didn't intend to buy any, but had a look anyway. I spotted a brand that I remembered to be relatively cheap but delicious, and suddenly I found myself missing Daniel a whole lot. o.O I guess we used to ... sort of bond over food? I secretly loved it when he unexpectedly brought home something unnecessary but awesome like ice cream, even though I wished he did it less often because of the money. I actually did the same thing myself when I was the one to do the shopping, though usually with cheaper items and not as many at a time. And then if we were lucky enough to get the chance, we'd sit down with our "special" food and watch a movie or something. It was quite nice.

Not that we couldn't still do this, especially now that my dietary restrictions are seemingly gone. We simply need to remember to meet up for such evenings from time to time. :) He's looking for a new place though; I hope he finds one in this town and doesn't have to move away ...
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I just got back from buying the things that I mentioned. It's not exactly morning anymore, but early enough to not disrupt my plan. Everything appears to be going well so far.

The same can be said for my gluten experiment, by the way. I will remain skeptical until I've been eating the stuff for at least one week, but for now I'm perfectly fine. Again, I cannot believe this is happening. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop ...

What distracted me from going into town earlier was Stargate Atlantis. I finally started watching it a few days ago and appear to be completely addicted already. I knew I was going to like it because I dimly remembered seeing a few episodes on tv once and that I enjoyed those very much, but what I didn't expect was that it would make me feel all nostalgic.

Apparently I hadn't only watched a few episodes back then, and suddenly I remembered exactly when "back then" was, too. I also had no idea that what I'd seen was season 1. Out of the first seven episodes, the very first was the only one that I wasn't entirely sure felt familiar. Then the next one was new to me, the one after that wasn't, and in case of episodes 10 and 11 I was once again not quite sure.

As I watched these vaguely familiar (and seemingly twice as awesome as last time) characters do vaguely familiar things, memories from the group home unexpectedly started to come back to me.

Watching tv with the boys. The illusion of being part of a group. One of them being a total Stargate expert and explaining the entire backstory to us others, when Daniel and I had merely wanted to know what had happened during the episode or part of an episode that we'd missed. Getting more and more excited about the show each week. Being surprised that Daniel was just as excited as I was; K being happy that we liked it at all.

I don't know when the episodes will stop looking familiar; whether we watched the season to the end or not and whether the second even came on while we still lived there. I'm looking forward to discovering things that are new to me, but I'm also enjoying this vague familiarity a lot. I sure love the show on its own as well though - I'm not yet sure why, it just ... seems to be practically made for me, somehow. I love everything about it and all of the characters. ALL OF THEM. Almost equally except that McKay has always been my favourite and now I'm suddenly taking a shine to Sheppard instead. I think it's got something to do with his voice; on German tv it was dubbed and who knows how that influenced my impression of him.


Glorious Food

Saturday, November 26th, 2011 03:31 am
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I have now officially consumed

- a moderate amount of butter
- quite a lot of nutella
- a small cup of yogurt

without complications. Wow. I still can't believe this is happening. There's another cup of yogurt in my fridge, but I forgot to check the list of ingredients when I bought it and have since discovered that it "may contain traces of gluten", so I won't eat that one until I've moved on to the gluten stage of my experiments.

I also have some chocolate, however. CHOCOLATE. Freaking Toblerone, even. I can't wait to try it, but I'd better eat something reasonable first so that I don't upset my stomach independently of lactose content.

In other news, I was awake for more than 40 hours and then only slept for seven, so uh ... I'm starting to feel a little dazed here. Better start cooking right this second or I'll never manage it.

Things and stuff.

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011 01:29 pm
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  1. I am so going to buy some regular milk products today. If I can eat them, I will have to conclude that what happened was that last year my digestive system somehow decided that it didn't like lactose for a while ... and then changed its mind. Which still doesn't make any sense, but I'll take what I can get.

  2. Once that's been sorted out, I will also buy something with gluten in it - something other than pasta, though, because I already tried that. It'll be my one, final experiment. If it goes as badly as the last one, I will resign myself to somehow being gluten intolerant in spite of testing negative for Celiac, and having to spend a lot of money on food forever. :| (Goodbye, entertainment?)

  3. I am currently fighting two battles in my head, sort of. One is about feeling stupid, which the internet constantly reminds me of because I keep coming across a) things that I just don't understand and b) evidence of other people understanding a thing better than I do. I don't know why this bothers me so much more than usual at the moment. The other problem is ... basically a huge load of envy? I'm just so fed up with never having everything that I need, much less what I want. Other people talking about school or work or hobbies make me feel frustrated because I worry about warm clothes and food instead. And I don't see any way out of this situation. :( The internet seems to be nothing but one big reminder of how much my life sucks sometimes, so I almost want to stay away from it for a while. But only almost.

    *does not even*

    Monday, November 21st, 2011 08:42 pm
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    Guys this is hilarious.

    No I mean seriously this is the funniest shit ever.

    I am not lactose-intolerant.



    ....... O___O

    And I only got it tested for confirmation. To have official proof. I never ever ever even considered the option that I might have drawn the wrong conclusion, aside from this morning when I jokingly suggested it to A (who was driving me) like "Haha, wouldn't it be funny if I got a negative result on this test, too? But nawww, this is a pretty straight-forward matter." LOL RIGHT.

    And it still doesn't make any fucking sense. Last year I drank a glass of chocolate milk and five minutes later I was running to the bathroom. Several times, until I made the connection and stopped. These days I drink lactose-free chocolate milk on a regular basis and nothing happens. Okay then! Screw logic! The test says I should be able to drink milk, so I must have imagined all that digestive trouble! o_O

    I ... I have to admit I was too shocked to ask the doctor about the validity of my earlier gluten test in light of this. I did mention that I once ate noodles and suffered unpleasant consequences throughout the entire next day, though. He suggested that I try a gastroscopy next. Fucking great, that's just what I've always wanted. :|

    I'm honestly starting to feel a little like a really delusional hypochondriac here. Being declared healthy by doctors in spite of experiencing symptoms is something that's been happening to me for all my life, hence why I have reached a point where it seems funny. I mean, funny in a sort of cynical "lol why did I even expect anything else" manner, which is not very funny at all actually. :| I could understand it happening a few isolated times, that's pretty normal, but nearly always?! It's just as common a theme in my life as plans that I am inexplicably optimistic about being thwarted by a completely unforeseeable event. Like suddenly developing fake intolerances, haha hehe blah bluh blub.


    Okay I am sorry about talking like this but my head feels fried, apparently being out in the cold without breakfast really screwed me up for the rest of the day. I have literally not done anything useful since I got home because I just couldn't. Ugh.
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    Tomorrow is my appointment for the next attempt at a lactose intolerance test (finally) and I am woefully unprepared. For instance, I completely forgot to buy any travel-friendly foods that I could take with me, which I am going to need. I don't have anything to drink in appropriately sized bottles, either. All I can hope for now is that I'll manage to do some emergency shopping really early in the morning, but that's not a very good solution because the more time I spend awake and running around, the sooner I'll get hunger pangs. That awful test takes three hours. D:

    Another problem is that I can't find the list of instructions that they gave me. I remember most of them, but I'm not clear on when exactly I'm supposed to stop drinking and whether I'm allowed to at least have a small glass of water in the morning. Where did that piece of paper go?!

    And unlike last time, today I don't just happen to have several books lying around that I wanted to reread anyway. The only book I own that I am currently willing to reread is unfortunately very heavy. I'm still considering it, but ... ugh. That thing is enormous. Not exactly made for being carried around.

    However! The above dilemma did inspire me to get a little creative, so I remembered that I'd never even checked whether my printer was out of black ink after getting it back from Daniel's brother - I knew that it was definitely out of coloured ink and had no use for only black until now. Turns out there was quite a bit left! I didn't actually have more than five sheets of white paper, but added a few coloured ones that I figured I could expend because they were relatively ugly. Since I miraculously managed to not mess up printing two pages on each side of a sheet, I ended up with about 80 pages of Chainbreaker total. Sadly I have no idea how fast I am going to read that.

    It's an interesting book, by the way. I'd saved the link to my Read It Later account a long time ago and then mindlessly downloaded it soon after getting this computer, without looking at the description again. So I was quite surprised to find Loki in it when I finally started reading, haha! How fitting. You can tell that it hasn't been professionally edited, I guess, but that only makes it feel a little more like fanfiction than a book, not ... bad. I don't mind the occasional mistake or awkward phrasing as long as the story is good.

    I guess if I make it through those ~80 pages really fast, I can always attempt to use my crappy phone for entertainment? If phones are allowed there, that is. Which I don't know. >.<

    Am now sneezing because there was cat hair in the printer. Urgh.
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    I saw this nice-looking "Christmas tree" candle holder today that was relatively big and not that expensive - why didn't I buy it?! I've wanted something like that for years because I am kind of against killing trees just to decorate your living room with them temporarily. Okay, technically what I had in mind was still a bit bigger, but you have to take what you can get, right? Silly me, deciding to be reasonable and save money even with something like that in front of my nose.

    Anyway, this morning was a bit weird because for a while it was basically an exact reenactment of Friday morning. Both times I'd deliberately stayed awake two nights before, both times I'd gone to bed in the afternoon and nearly overslept regardless, both times I practically jumped out of bed and straight into the shower instead of eating breakfast first as I usually do ... and so on. Then A picked me up to drive me to the ALDI market in another town; ours is currently being rebuilt and therefore closed. Which is impractical because I normally buy a lot of things there.

    So she helped me out with that and afterwards I quickly popped inside the store directly next to it as well, which incidentally happens to be the one I always went to during my hospital stay; the one selling all of those amazing, lactose-free and gluten-free things. I finally caved and bought some bread. BREAD. BREEEAADD. *___* (Also incidentally, and this is funny, I ended up there on Friday, too - that time I just didn't have enough money for gluten-free bread with me. I had no idea I'd remain such a regular customer even after going back home!)

    Come to think of it, it's kind of ironic that I resisted a thing I'd wanted for years only to buy some expensive freaking food. -_-
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    On the whole, my first week alone was amazing. The floor in the hall wasn't done yet, there was no light in the kitchen and all I had to cook with was a single pot, but it was great. Thanks to a number of factors such as less allergens in the air, a better mattress and practically no stress whatsoever (to only name a few), I slept better and had much more energy. I could concentrate better and going outside was suddenly not a problem anymore. Showering was easy. I never got bored. BASICALLY IT WAS AWESOME OKAY. :D

    My wrists became terribly dry because I wasn't used to doing the dishes by hand and my feet hurt because I wasn't used to not wearing shoes inside, but eventually I adapted. I visited Timo every single day and probably played with him more than when we were still living together. I enjoyed being able to do whatever I wanted whenever I felt like it, and not having to worry about things being Potentially Dirty because I knew what was clean and what wasn't. Since I didn't have much money left after buying a vacuum cleaner and such, I even discovered that €15 could get me through an entire week if I was careful.

    Then I suddenly couldn't eat wheat anymore.


    Yeah. I actually laughed, you know. I don't know why, but my first reaction was this kind of hysterical amusement. Of course that would happen right after I'd finally managed to get the hang of living with lactose intolerance. Of course that would happen while I was basically broke and thought I'd figured out how to survive on €15 a week. WHEN ELSE. GOODBYE, CHEAP BREAD.

    While I was still unsure what was going on, there was a day on which I cried for hours and hours, mostly due to the debilitating stomach cramps but also because I was scared. And possibly mourning noodles, while fervently hoping it was something else. It wasn't. When I finally stopped eating anything of the kind, my stomach felt better immediately and the rest of my body within two or three days. That could hardly be a coincidence.

    I have since been tested for Celiac Disease (gluten intolerance), but either that's not it or the doctor made a mistake. Like, I don't know, maybe forgetting to tell me that I still needed to be eating the stuff for it to work. I have yet to ask him, since my next appointment is not until two weeks from now because I thought I'd also have my lactose intolerance officially confirmed while I was at it, and something went wrong with that test. >_<

    Scraping the money together that I suddenly needed to feed myself for the rest of the month wasn't easy, but fortunately I had help. I also ate a lot of rice, and I was extremely grateful for all the positive effects from moving out that I still felt. Without them I would have been screwed.

    (Ironic icon choice is ironic.)


    Thursday, July 7th, 2011 11:57 pm
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    Today has been one of the nicest birthdays I've had in several years. Not too exciting, but really nice. :) And not a single bad thing happened, unless you count the fact that I didn't get much sleep. It hardly made a difference.

    Before I even went to bed, I already had some fun because I was still online after midnight, and so were [ profile] dollrock, [personal profile] zanzando and [personal profile] chasingthunder (for whom it wasn't midnight yet). Between Twitter and here, I talked to all three of you at the same time once, which was awesome because for some reason I hardly ever manage to be online at the right moment to have ongoing conversations like that with one person, never mind three. It was excellent timing.

    I was also pleasantly surprised just by how many people wished me a happy birthday. I doubt all of them truly cared (nor did I care whether some of them cared, if you get my meaning), but it was still nice to see an email notification pop up every few minutes.

    We'll skip the part where I slept badly and then spent what little was left of the morning doing boring stuff. Moving on. I needed to go grocery shopping, so of course I reasoned that since it was my birthday, I was allowed to spend a little more money than usual. That's why I am now surrounded by luxuries - ahem - such as pomegranate-flavoured iced tea and two types of lactose-free chocolate. I'm pretty sure I deserve that much after two months of (mostly) sticking to the basics.

    Then Daniel came over, who proudly announced that even though he didn't have a present for me yet, he at least knew what to get me already. Heh. As we waited for my family to show up, I got a phone call from the social worker known here as A, who asked if she could quickly stop by to drop off my present. Which she then did. I'd given her a list of several CDs to choose from and was quite delighted to discover that the one she'd actually bought me was my current favourite, Biffy Clyro's Infinity Land. :D She also gave me a mug (always useful) and some more chocolate.

    My mother and my sisters arrived while she was still there, so now they've met. My brother stayed home, which turned out to be oddly convenient because we wanted to go to the lake and this way Daniel fit into the car, too.

    The first thing we did once we got there was to try out the recently overhauled restaurant by the water - I hadn't had the time to eat a proper lunch. For a moment we were all decidedly baffled by the menu, especially me since I needed to figure out which of the items on it I could eat without endangering my health, and none of us even knew what half of them were. Fortunately, a very friendly and patient waitress soon came to our rescue. She not only answered all of our questions, but even picked up on the nature of my particular problem without being prompted and asked me what it was that I couldn't eat so that she could have the cook put something unique together. It was such a relief; I'm not used to people being helpful anymore!

    In the end, I think most of us were happy with what we found on our plates.

    After that we just walked around for some time, talking and enjoying the scenery. Also, this happened:

    E and M crossing a stream by balancing on a very thin ... something

    In case you're wondering, nobody fell into the water. Daniel pwned us all by casually walking over the thing as if it were no big deal. :D I considered giving it a go myself, but seeing as I was suffering from moderate dizziness at the time, I decided that it would be a Very Bad Idea.

    My mother's present is that she will take me to IKEA in two weeks or so and pay for one or two of the bigger things I'll pick. This makes me happy on several levels. (I know I mentioned on Twitter that I was postponing my IKEA trip to August, but I'm relatively certain I've discovered a way to do the shopping now and pay later, so that's not necessary anymore.)

    Last but not least, they brought me my old keyboard. I'd left it at their place when I moved out because I didn't have the space for it and knew that my mother wished she could keep it, but recently I found myself missing it. When I mentioned this to her, she said she didn't need it anymore and of course it was still mine anyway, so I could have it back. I just hadn't been expecting to see it today, at all. That was another pleasant surprise.

    On the whole, not a bad way to celebrate having survived a quarter of a century.

    I think the waitress assumed I was underage. XD
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    Realised that I can still eat dark chocolate. Face, meet palm. I never liked it all that much on its own, but lots of things that happen to be coated with dark chocolate have just become an option again.

    Also, I recently discovered how easy to use downloadable subtitles are. I thought I'd have to learn how to install them first and was never in the mood to go looking for a tutorial, so I told myself that it was totally okay if I only understood 60% of what I was watching sometimes. Except it obviously wasn't. This is why I am very happy to have accidentally downloaded a torrent that already included the subtitles for all files, which then turned out to be all simple and self-explanatory! If you use VLC, that is - I don't know about other players.

    It was about time I figured that out, too. How did I even make it through five seasons of Doctor Who without subtitles?! There was a point, somewhere along the way, when I asked myself if watching things in English was really worth this much trouble. I very nearly started to consider (LOL) downloading German dubs instead, if available.

    Then I realised that I don't actually understand German much better. Haha. I mean, of course there is a difference. I've had 24 years to get used to this language, to identify patterns and become relatively good at guessing what someone might have said if I didn't properly catch it - with English I just don't have that. Still, I've seen things in German that I didn't understand more than maybe 75% of, either. Come to think of it, I've had conversations of which I understood less than that. It's all a question of luck.

    So basically, all those times I tried to watch something in English without subtitles because after all I didn't "need" subtitles for German, either? I should have considered the option that maybe I do. The stress I could have been avoiding! >_<

    Can't decide what it was that fucked me over: lack of information, internalised ableism or pride. Possibly a combination of all three.
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    Oh gods what is wrong with my stomach. Was it the eggs? The ketchup? The oat milk? The caffeine in my iced tea? Something else in my iced tea? Please, please not the eggs. Anything but the eggs. Owww.

    Can I just ... stop eating forever? No? AUGH. Blasted human bodies.

    At least I have this dairy-free carrot cake to look forward to. I am so trying that. No idea what almond meal is, but it does say I can use flour instead. Carrots are yet another item on the list of things I can't eat raw, so I always appreciate an opportunity to do something unusual with them.

    Then again, there are eggs in that recipe. Anything but the eggs, please. D:

    So as you may have noticed, I have not been magically relieved of all my ills lately. Looks like my mother's acquaintance (this is starting to sound like a secret codename) simply got extremely lucky. You're supposed to feel significantly better after only a few days, but I didn't notice even the tiniest difference after more than a week. I still tried to keep on taking the stuff for a while, but gave up when I started to repeatedly lose track of when my last "breakfast" had been due to insomnia.

    There's still enough left that I could give it another go when I'm back to a halfway stable sleeping pattern, but if I do that, it'll mostly be to avoid wasting it.

    Bananas, Part 2

    Sunday, October 24th, 2010 05:29 am
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    I forgot the bananas, didn't I.

    Well, I didn't actually forget to try freezing one; that part worked out fine. It's just that circumstances prevented me from turning it into fake ice-cream and thus I forgot to tell you about it.

    To make a long story short, our kitchen equipment revolted wasn't up to the task. Our immersion blender had turned rusty and the brand new food processor we'd just bought made everything taste of plastic, no matter how often we cleaned it. Ugh, that was so disgusting. Fortunately we could return it to the store.

    Since the banana was already frozen, though, I figured I might as well give it a try. And voilà - no itching! The experiment was a success. I can finally eat raw bananas again, provided I remember to freeze them first. :)

    Now I only need to find a cheap, but better food processor somewhere.
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    I just remembered something that I've been meaning to write about for weeks. There is this thing I like to say that people often don't get: "I kind of put fruits and vegetables in the same category as sweets - I only eat them for the taste, pretty much, and not because I expect them to make me less hungry." A common reaction to this statement is to stare at me as if I'd just grown another head and ask, "Uhhh ... but what about vitamins?!"

    Sadly, the last time this happened, I got confused and couldn't think of a good reply. Which is a shame because I have one. :)

    Sure, fruits and vegetables contain vitamins. Duh. So do other foods - almost everything that you can eat aside from pure white sugar is bound to contain something other than just fat, protein and/or carbs. What I tend to forget is that most people aren't fully aware of the fact that this is why we like them. Do you have orange juice around? I can almost promise you that if you were to smell it now and didn't feel like drinking any, it would mean that you've already consumed enough vitamin C today (or there's enough left in your body from yesterday).

    Normally this works with macronutrients, too. In my case it does. If you place a bowl of sweets in front of me and I've already had enough sugar for the day and/or am not hungry at the moment, I won't be at all tempted to eat them. I mean, ewww. D: Unfortunately the same isn't true for everyone, thanks to upbringing, habits, diets etc. - it took a while for my instincts to return, too.

    So when I say that I eat fruits and vegetables for their taste, I am only putting them in opposition to things like bread or meat that I mostly eat to reduce hunger. I am operating under the assumption that - unless a newly acquired allergy or food intolerance is currently screwing with me, ahem* - I do not need to consciously remind myself to eat specific nutrients because if left alone, I will. What I am saying is that most fruits and vegetables are just not filling ... but freaking tasty. :D

    *I haven't made as much progress as I'd like. Most days I still end up going "BUT WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO EAT" at some point. Oddly enough, fat is more of a problem than protein - I've discovered lentils. Heh.


    Monday, August 16th, 2010 05:41 am
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    I just started to use StumbleUpon again and promptly came across something very, very interesting - a "recipe" with just one ingredient; "ice cream" made out of frozen and then blended bananas. Now, the interesting part is not even that I can imagine this actually having a similar texture as normal ice cream - that's nice, but I haven't had a craving for ice cream once since I became lactose-intolerant and have been perfectly happy sticking to popsicles.

    What's interesting is that thanks to this tip, I just realised that I might be able to eat bananas if I freeze them first. Holy shit! I thought I had to bake, grill or fry them, which ... is an entirely different experience. Not bad, but very different.

    I can foresee myself freezing a lot of fresh fruit in the near future. Well, that's if I can afford to buy it and then find the energy to wash and peel it, but let's assume I will. It'll be hit or miss, I guess, but if I discover that this works ... wow. No more banana envy!

    Now that I've said all this, it has to work or I'll feel silly. :P


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