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Good news! I just got back from the hospital. Lots of surprises there - for one thing, Mrs D was completely wrong about the ward in question being only for women. Which is great, even though I suppose it could have made for an interesting exercise in self-observation under unusual circumstances. :P The doctor I spoke with seemed nice and did not act as though I'd just described some of the strangest symptoms in human history, which gave me a little hope.

The biggest surprise, however, was when he said that I might be admitted as early as one or two weeks from now! I still haven't finished adjusting to this unexpected turn of events. Since I'm going to see Timo on the 14th - more good news, yay - I asked them to note down that I didn't want to come until the 15th, but of course this doesn't mean that it's going to be that exact date. Maybe a day later, maybe a week later. I don't know, but I'll try to be more or less ready by then.

My night, on the other hand, really was a load of crap. At one point I had this extremely confusing dream in which I dreamed that I managed to deliberately wake myself up from a nightmare, which would have been amazing if it had been real! But nope, the scenario that I "woke up" to was merely yet another dream. :| Incidentally, the nightmare somehow involved Sam and Dean Winchester. And werewolves, but not like the ones from Supernatural. Honestly, my fandom dreams are never any fun ...

When my alarm rang, I turned it off, turned on the light and accidentally fell asleep again. Whoops. Fortunately it was only for 15 minutes.

Getting to the hospital and back was quite the journey because A first drove me to Mrs D's office, where we switched cars and Mrs D drove us the rest of the way, being the only person who actually knew how to get there. Now, Hamburg is pretty far off even without such interruptions, so all in all I was out there for four freaking hours. Wow. Not sure how much of that was spent waiting, though.

Once I knew that the whole thing was going to happen unexpectedly soon, it suddenly hit me that I would in fact be stuck in Hamburg for several weeks. The thought makes me a tad nervous, but then again, you know what's funny? The hospital is right in the neighbourhood of where I used to live as a baby. In fact I think it might be where my father used to work! And our old house might be within walking distance, so I could try to figure out how to get there. In case I get bored or something. Just to see if it still stands ... and if it's still uninhabited, rotting away like the last time I went to have a look.

Overall, I'm pretty excited. But also, uh, wow. WHERE DO I EVEN START.

What in the ...

Thursday, July 21st, 2011 11:09 pm
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I just had the strangest dream. In it, I was talking to some random people (although I think my mother was also there, off to the side somewhere) and spontaneously decided to reveal my gender issues to them for some reason, except that it was hard to do because I had no idea how to say certain things in German. So I asked if anyone knew the translation of "dysphoria" (completely out of the blue, as if it were just some random word I had come across), but this one guy got all excited and simply started talking to me about it in a mix of both languages, and then suddenly he was actually my new therapist and I was in his office, filling out forms and stuff.

Fast-forward and a few months later said therapist was also my boyfriend - LOL, how very unprofessional of him - and for some reason I was getting hormone treatment as if I actually identified as male, which makes no sense because I don't, but in the dream I was all for it and had just reached a point where the first really obvious changes were starting to happen. So this very unprofessional therapist suddenly wanted to break up with me because he was only attracted to women, and I was like "WTF YOU ASS YOU KNEW THIS WAS GOING TO HAPPEN" and a huge argument ensued.

Turns out he'd thought he was bisexual but apparently he'd been wrong. Then all of a sudden I was sitting in front of a computer, sending him images of the most attractive men I could think of in some weird attempt to prove that he might be a little bit bisexual after all. Which really doesn't make any sense but okay. XD

Can you tell what's been, like, on my mind a bit lately??

Uhm, brain ...?

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011 05:29 pm
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Today appears to be another one of those very strange days. I still wake up tired every morning, but this time it was especially bad. I couldn't stay in bed because my back was hurting, so I tried to ignore the tiredness ... and failed. After lunch I just couldn't stay upright anymore and collapsed back into bed without even closing the window first.

I dreamed that I was Rose Tyler, but also an actress, and I was filming a scene with Bradley James when we suddenly got poisoned by alien bees and the Doctor had to find a way to save us. Unfortunately neither of us had seen what had stung us, so we didn't know about the bees yet and started this great big investigation while we were still sick and more and more people from the area got poisoned, too. Despite the fact that we had help from the Doctor, we didn't figure it out until my mother suddenly appeared and offered to accompany Bradley on a grocery shopping trip (in case he collapsed, I guess?), during which she then tried to convince him to buy local honey and he had some sort of vision at the sight of it and went, "It's the bees! Oh my God, it's the bees! Tell the Doctor!" In the meantime I'd been battling a broken shower for some reason. Then we set the bees on fire and everything was ... fine? I'm guessing the Doctor made an antidote while my brain wasn't looking.

That was the most coherent bit, at least. I kept waking up for really short amounts of time, and judging by how often that happened, I can't have been asleep for very long at a time, either. It was more like a hundred micro-naps than a proper one.

Confused now. And still tired.
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I had an incredibly long dream last night. The first thing I did after starting up the computer was to write it down - originally I intended to make it well-worded enough to post it here, but then it got longer and longer until I gave up on that goal and just made sure not to leave out any facts. I still reached almost 900 words in spite of that. o.O

It had aliens and everything. Cute aliens, strange aliens, dead aliens, alien fish. There was also a bit of romance, incest* (that I was luckily not involved in), someone who may have been the Doctor and a suspicious gym teacher who was rumoured to understand every language in existence. EPIC.

Also, the sentence "Oh, who am I even kidding."

*My internal monologue at this point was hilarious. "Oh," I thought. "Incest. Is that normal around here?"

Dreams & Cookies

Friday, August 20th, 2010 02:09 pm
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I dreamed the most hilarious thing. See, there's a character in Star Ocean 4 called Lymle, who stopped ageing when she was maybe 6-8 years old and thus still looks and acts that age although she's technically 15. And last night I had this completely random dream, in the middle of which Lymle suddenly appeared as if she was just someone I knew, and confessed that she was in love with me. OMGWTFBBQ. It all ended with me and Daniel chasing mosquitoes, so you can see how random it was.

In other news, I made peanut butter cookies for the first time in my life yesterday. I feared that they would turn out too "peanutbuttery" because I used a very simple recipe without flour, but they were actually quite tasty and would have probably been perfect if I hadn't left them in for too long. I'm definitely going to make them again some time, especially since the batter was extremely easy to form into cookie shapes. Not sticky at all, which came as a big surprise to me! The basic recipe was just one cup of PB, one cup of sugar and one egg. That's it. I roughly doubled the amounts though.


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