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Here, have a quick demonstration of the main difference between my usage of LJ and DW these days:

screenshots of my profiles on each site; way more comms on DW

Note that while there are many inactive ones included in these numbers on either site, on LJ some are also just there because I joined them to gain access to their archives or something and I filtered them out of my actual flist. I keep forgetting to check my "just reading" filter over there because nothing ever happens on it. Like maybe one post in two weeks during a particularly active period. :P

On Dreamwidth I keep joining communities instead. That's what happens if you're subscribed to [site community profile] dw_community_promo, I guess.
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I'm really starting to get tired of the limited amount of icons I've got to choose from. It'd be alright if I'd picked them myself, but these are just the ones that DW decided not to deactivate when my paid time ran out. Possibly because they were the last 15 I used, I don't know. Also, two of the six that match my LJ icons are among the deactivated ones. Very impractical.

If PayPal didn't refuse to cooperate with Dreamwidth (or if I had a credit card), I'd probably buy some more paid time for myself next month. Or the one after that. Or the one after that, at the very least ... something's always more important, but it really isn't that expensive. I'd go for six months, I think. But. I'm not going to send actual money across the ocean, or a check or something. :S

Well, IDK, I should probably be worrying about entirely different things at the moment. Priorities? What are those?

I've been having a somewhat priorities-related problem lately, anyway. I get enough things done each day to feel accomplished for a while, but then I realise that the ONE thing I failed to do was unquestionably the most important one. It's not so nice going to bed knowing that while your dishes are clean and the laundry is drying, you're out of breakfast foods because you didn't go grocery shopping ...

But at closer examination, it's not really about priorities. I doubt I could have gone grocery shopping yesterday if I hadn't done the dishes, you know? They're not exchangeable tasks. And I didn't just forget, either - perhaps with a little more determination I could have persuaded myself to go, but whether I would have actually managed to be ready to leave before the shops closed is another matter. Sometimes I simply can't do things. Which sucks. :|

I'll definitely have to stop by one of the stores that are open until 10 pm today, at least. I can survive skipping the rest, and fortunately one of them does sell rice crackers at the same price as where I usually get them. If nothing else, it'll be fun to go outside without my stupid trolley for once. XD
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I have more than 50 icons now. More than 50 icons. :O (To those reading via LJ: talking about DW once again, btw.) And only 30 of them are mine! This is completely unprecedented. Never had a paid account before, anywhere. I'm certainly going to be on the lookout for even more icons and things to make icons out of from now on ...

However, I will most likely not be able to go online much during the next few weeks! Because THE FLAT IS MINE. :D I'm still waiting for the contract to be sent to me so I can sign it, but things have definitely been set into motion. I'll need to fix the floors and acquire a bed before I can actually move in, of course. No idea how long the entire process will take, but I imagine I'll be busy a lot in the near future. Once I'm there, I will obviously not have internet yet. Technically I won't even have a computer ... there's something I can hopefully do about that, though. And if that fails, I'm sure Daniel will let me use his from time to time.

I have decided that I want to paint the livingroom and the bedroom while I'm at it. It's mostly because someone seems to have done a really bad job of it before, but quite frankly I also just don't like the colour. Unlike the bathroom (a very nice spring green), the hallway (beige or off-white or somesuch) and the kitchen (don't remember, possibly yellow?), those two rooms are a terribly ugly shade of dark orange. o_O Thing is, now I suddenly need to come up with a colour of my own. I always expected the walls to be white and that I'd just leave them that way ... behold, a new challenge. XD


Wednesday, December 8th, 2010 09:00 am
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Something has gone wrong with my reading page. Posting screenshots so that I can link to this entry from a support request.

IDK what's going on here )

Complicated DW

Saturday, October 30th, 2010 03:55 pm
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I just changed my settings to show that this journal may contain some adult concepts (because it does, after all), but somehow that resulted in every single entry being marked with a little NSFW icon and that's ... kinda ridiculous. Can't I make a generalised statement about the nature of my entire journal without having to specify which entries it applies to and which it doesn't? I don't even know where to draw the line.

Changing it back for the time being. That icon is very distracting.
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I just changed my layout back to a premade theme because I wasn't getting anywhere with the customisation and got tired of staring at a half-done job all the time. In the process I noticed that a lot of rather nice-looking themes are available by now, which is awesome! I quite like this one, maybe I'll keep it for a while.

While I was at it, though, I also thought I'd use the opportunity to take some screenshots of all the odd little things that used to make picking a Dreamwidth layout so hard for me. I know it's generally easy to change a handful of details here and there if you're not 100% happy with a theme, but I almost exclusively use the premade ones to get through times when I don't feel up to customising anything, so I still wish there were more to choose from that I could use just the way they are.

I only took screenshots of what I consider to be the five worst offenders. Now, if the creators of those themes happen to read this post, please don't take it personally. I understand that individual tastes differ and what looks like a design error to me might have been a deliberate choice on your part (and even if it wasn't, you don't have to agree that it looks bad). Besides, they're still great themes in general. :)

The purpose of this post is mostly to answer the question "But what IS it that makes people dislike DW layouts?!" that I've seen pop up in various places lately. Here's my take.

pictures of 5 things that bug me )

My main pet peeve is actually sidebar headings that look oddly "caged in" by their surrounding borders because there isn't quite enough padding, but I may be the only person who even notices such tiny details.

(For the curious, I was inspired to do this by the latest news post.)
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Hah. I just discovered the new Facebook & Twitter integration while I was commenting on someone's LJ, and guess what I did next? That's right, I went to Dreamwidth's Latest Things page to check if this had caused any drama. :D And of course I wasn't disappointed! I don't think they actually did much wrong this time, aside from the fact that posting comments has suddenly become harder for people who use the tab bar or macros to get to the "post comment" button - which I'm sure can be fixed easily.* The privacy issues that people were reporting mostly turned out to be false alarms.

There is one thing that does worry me though: While it has always been possible to manually repost your own comment on someone else's locked post wherever you want (well, duh), I don't think anyone ever actually did that, do you? Not often, anyway. But now we've been given the option to do it with a single click and I bet some will end up doing it accidentally. Way to go, guys, making it incredibly easy for anyone to notify the whole world that LiveJournal user X made a friends-locked post about subject Y!

Man, it's been around six years since I discovered LJ now and things just keep going wrong. There's been so much drama, I wish everyone would finally give up on it and come over to Dreamwidth. It's nice here. If you have a suggestion or complaint, you can be sure that you'll be heard!

I still have a bunch of invite codes to spare if anyone wants them.

*IF they listen to these concerns, that is. If they don't, that would be some fucked up shit.

Wow, Part 2

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010 11:50 am
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To quote the comment I just left on a news post,
Option to choose placement of metadata, to either above or below the entry

OMG! It's my suggestion! You actually did this?!?!?! :O

That's it, I'm definitely moving to DW for real now. Eventually I would have done it anyway (who can resist so much awesomesauce), but you just erased my reason for procrastinating on it.
Embarrassingly, I actually threw my hands up in the air upon reading that, haha. Well, what can I say? I had expected my suggestion to be ignored, not just because I'm used to it but also because I really seemed to be the only person who cared about that. So it was quite the surprise.

As soon as I'm awake enough to do things like that (hint: not today), I will start setting up cross-posting options and make this my main internet home. Finally I shall escape the clutches of LiveJournal! Hooray! Well, except I'm still going to read the remains of my flist over there and stay in a few communities until the rest of the world realises how awesome DW is.


Tuesday, March 30th, 2010 11:06 am
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I just realised that the icon in front of staff members' names is not some sort of abstract image, but the icons of official communities and normal users combined. D'oh! And it only took me, what, a year?
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I'm seriously considering starting to use this account by now. I could do automatic cross-posts and continue to read my LJ flist, right? But then, having to check two places each day might turn out to be a little overwhelming. Still thinking.

I just noticed that even the layouts are better over here, what with dates being clickable links in all of them. That was a great idea. Now if only there was a way to put your mood before the entry text and I'd be 100% happy. What's the use of putting it at the end? That doesn't make any sense to me. I assume that by the time you've finished reading my post, you already have an idea what my mood was when I wrote it. I sort of consider the mood to be a bit of a warning; I'm always glad to see that someone's angry before I start reading their rant.

I guess I should go and find out where one can suggest things here.

... OMG the "update date" function is made of win!

ETA: They listened to me! :D


Monday, May 4th, 2009 12:49 pm
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I am quite amazed - this is the first site using the LiveJournal code that is actually better than LiveJournal. It makes me want to transfer money to my PayPal account for the first time ever! Now if only I could get all of my friends to come over here ...


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