Saturday, October 23rd, 2010 10:58 pm
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Uh, oops? So there was a regeneration scene, I just missed all the episodes between seasons 4 and 5 ... that's what you get for downloading things without looking them up first. Still, I'm almost glad I missed them because it might mean that I'll get to see five more episodes of exciting Doctor Who once my downloads have finished.

I eventually continued with season 5 while I was very, very bored. Some bits weren't too bad, occasionally I even laughed. Still doesn't feel right, though. I'm annoyed that Russell T. Davies is apparently required to make Doctor Who the way it should be, although he fucked up Torchwood and has an awful opinion of fans.

One day I will start talking about something else again, I promise.
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OMG. I'm done with the first season. Well, not the first-first, you know what I mean - first of the newer ones. I had SO MUCH FUN ... but now there's a new Doctor and I'm all confused! I'd been afraid of that moment from the beginning because I really liked Christopher Eccleston and I knew he was going to disappear eventually. It happened earlier than I'd hoped. :(

Also, this is kind of funny - I amuse myself with my own ignorance. So, the day I downloaded all those Doctor Who seasons, I also downloaded some Torchwood because I had this vague inkling that they were either connected somehow or just liked by a lot of the same people (this is what you get from lurking around the edges of fandom). No, of course it didn't occur to me to do some research first; whyever do you ask? :P

Anyway, I had no idea that Torchwood was actually a spin-off, and likely wouldn't have found out for a long time if I hadn't liked Captain Jack Harkness so much* that I googled him in a reckless attempt to somehow find out if he was going to return later without spoiling myself in the process (!!) - so guess how surprised I was when I discovered that he had his own series! And it was already on my computer! XD

Sometimes I enjoy exploring new fandoms this way ... "Oh, this is interesting - and that, too - wait, those are connected? OMG, there's more of this stuff?!" Research would only ruin the fun. :P I know, I know, I'm abusing smilies today. It's not my fault, I'm in New Fandom Mode! I can't help it!!

*When I say "like" ... I'm not even sure what I mean. I'd probably hate him if he were real. But ... but ... what is this "reality" you speak of. Have I met it?


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