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I never mentioned that our XBox 360 died, did I? In any case that's why I suddenly stopped mentioning Final Fantasy XIII after I'd been so excited about it for a while. Daniel's borrowed someone else's 'box now, so I've been playing again, but I have yet to actually advance in the story.

I just briefly wanted to say that it annoys me when people talk about the XBox version as if it's obvious that everyone will agree when they say that the PS3 graphics are better. I've seen both. On a HD screen there's hardly a difference and on an old tv the XBox totally wins. (But don't listen to me; I'm just a weirdo who doesn't even like HD screens. What?? You can see all the edges! I don't like edges. o.O I mean, being able to read the text without squinting is nice and all, but Daniel uses our computer screen to play games sometimes and I seriously can't watch him for longer than two minutes without getting a headache. It's TOO SHARP. *shrugs*)

Speaking of television, I'm a bit annoyed that I can't watch the world cup. I should have thought of that earlier. We did consider getting some sort of cheap receiver after we cancelled our cable tv subscription, but then we forgot about it because it never seemed important ... except right now. Oops. Daniel doesn't care about football at all and outside of the world cup I don't, either, but usually I do allow myself to get sucked in every four years. Not enough to ask a random neighbour if I can watch it with them, though. Argh.


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