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You know how people will sometimes accuse you of not having a sense of humour when you say that you found something offensive? I've had that happen. However, I just watched The Men Who Stare At Goats, found it hilarious, went online to search for reviews to see if I had missed any offensiveness, and discovered that apparently a whole lot of people just think it's really boring. Huh. Now that's what I'd call not having a sense of humour, if I were inclined to say such things. Which I'm not. ;)

Looks like some did also feel offended, but so far I have only seen that explained in a way that would make any explosions in a comedy offensive by default. I don't think that's reasonable. What I liked about the film, aside from the funny bits, was that it pleasantly surprised me by portraying several things in a negative light that I didn't expect it to (father calling boy gay just because he likes to dance -> father bad), and then there was that memorable conversation:
LYN CASSADY: I'm very sorry for running you over, sir.
MAHMUD DAASH: It was an accident.
LYN CASSADY: And I apologize for that security detachment. I don't want you to think that all Americans are like that.
MAHMUD DAASH: I apologize for the kidnappers.
LYN CASSADY: Not your fault, sir. I mean, we've kidnappers in America and ... there's always ... bad apples.
It is a sad fact of life that I KEEP HAVING TO EXPLAIN THIS BASIC CONCEPT TO PEOPLE and thus I was inordinately glad to hear it from someone else for a change. A character in a movie, even. Honestly, in retrospect I'm sad that it made me so happy. That's irony for you.

Not sure if I should recommend this now or not. You may find it boring. :P


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