Sunday, January 2nd, 2011 08:00 pm
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Oh dear oh dear oh dear, it seems that Daniel has landed us in financial trouble once again and this time it's kind of serious. I mean, not really serious, but there's a high probability that our telephone and internet connection will be turned off in the very near future and I can't think of any way to prevent it.

The problem is that he spent too much time talking to his father on the phone, landline to mobile. This resulted in a quite, uh, spectacular bill. And I thought we at least had a while left to pay it, but I just found out that apparently we've already failed to pay on time three times or so* and now we've been given FIVE DAYS. Five days that ... are already over, actually, so I don't even know why I can still tell you this. Chances are the line will go dead sometime tomorrow morning.

It's an amount that we could probably scrape together within a month if we really put our minds to it, but unfortunately there are other things that need to be paid off as well and on top of it Daniel happens to owe a friend money at the moment. @___@

I'm trying to come up with combinations of extremely cheap foods that still contain all the major nutrients and are also lactose-free. Riiight. SUGGESTIONS, ANYONE??

Staples one could make use of include rice, pasta and lentils. Potatoes are more expensive than those, I believe. What to get protein from if it's rice or pasta time, though? Eggs? The one type of cheese I can eat? Beans? Need to investigate which of those is the cheapest option and can therefore be eaten most often. And what to get fat from on lentil days? More cheese? Or can vegetable oil be enough? GAH.

I suspect there are actually some canned meals available that are cheaper than anything you could make on your own, but of course I can only eat about two of those.

Also, I guess this means I'll continue to wear sneakers in the snow. :|

*I just haven't been in any condition to keep up with these things lately, plus some of it is normally handled by Daniel's legal guardian and therefore invisible to me. Too bad even he can't pull money out of nowhere.


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