It's Caturday!

Saturday, July 16th, 2011 07:57 pm
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Wow, I think I just spotted Cat 1 and Cat 2, peacefully hanging out with each other on the other side of the street!

... Er. Welcome to my life, where entertainment consists of observing the social lives of the local cat population.

Seriously though, I've grown attached to these cats. Perhaps it's just because I've never had a chance to actually watch any before, what with my allergies.

There was also a potential contestant for the title of Cat 3 in their company. Stay tuned! ;)
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Since there was already a metaphorical cat in my last entry, I figured this would be a good moment to write the one about real cats that I've been planning for a while.

You see, I have a lot of windows facing the street. Between the street and my building, there's a frontyard that mostly consists of grass and oddly placed shrubs. I cannot see the grass when I'm sitting down, but I catch glimpses of what's going on down there often enough.

So there's this cat. I know nothing about cats, but something makes me suspect it is a male cat, and I am going to refer to him as Cat 1. He likes to hang out below my window.

Cat 1 is black with a few white spots, a bit on the thin side, and seems to think of himself as a dangerous predator. One day as I opened my window, I saw him doing his usual thing, stalking around the frontyard trying to kill birds with the power of his mind or whatever it is he does. Occasionally he would glare up at me, as if to ask who the fuck I thought I was that I dared to just watch him like that, yet knowing there was nothing he could do to stop me.

Then, Cat 2 appeared! Cat 2 is a light brown tabby, slightly more substantial than Cat 1, and seems to be a rather laid-back fellow. If he is indeed the cat I think he is (long story), I even know for sure that he is male. He doesn't hang out here as often as Cat 1, but on that day he came by, strolling into the frontyard as if he were admiring the scenery.

Cat 1 was not pleased with this turn of events. I can only assume that he disapproves of such un-predatory behaviour as scenery-admiring, especially in his territory, dammit!

As soon as he spied the intruder, Cat 1 dashed behind a shrub and crouched there, seemingly ready to pounce at any moment. If Cat 2 had noticed his presence, he gave no indication. When he casually approached the shrub that Cat 1 was hiding behind, Cat 1 decided that he'd had enough of this nonsense and gave a very loud hiss. Cat 2 was thoroughly unimpressed and merely went around the shrub on the opposite side. Cat 1 twitched in irritation. How dare this stranger ignore his warning?! When Cat 2 emerged from the cover of the shrub, Cat 1 did the funniest thing I have ever seen a cat do (though I admittedly haven't seen cats do many things at all). It was a strange sort of half-pounce, as if he'd been going to attack and changed his mind mid-jump. Then he hissed again for good measure.

Cat 2 didn't even react. He continued to stroll through the frontyard at the same pace as before, until he reached the house and changed direction to wander off elsewhere. Poor little Cat 1 could do nothing but watch, frozen in position where he'd landed.

I couldn't help it, I burst out laughing. The whole thing had been funny enough on its own, but what made matters worse was that it also reminded me oddly of a Dragon Age II fanfic I had just read (either on my phone or on my MP3 player as a saved text file). I wish I remembered the title now to have proof of the similarity! Ever since then, I've been referring to the cats as Fenris and Anders in my head ...

Decisions & Similes

Saturday, July 9th, 2011 05:21 am
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I want to create a community, but I'm scared because I've never done that before and people always give off the impression that managing one can be hard work.

... which probably means I should do it. I so rarely find myself in situations where there's an actual choice involved in deciding whether to do something or not; usually I either run into an obstacle before I even get to that point or I don't have any doubts in the first place. There are no in-betweens with me. Usually.

So this is a novel experience. I get to choose! And the worst that can happen is that I end up with a poorly managed, unpopular community that eventually dies out, right? Not exactly a huge risk.

Although, come to think of it - there is that one problem that has nothing to do with being a community maintainer per se. I'm worried that if I attempt to start a discussion, I'll get exactly one reply and be unable to say anything in response. I have mentioned before that reviews and meta posts often make me feel stupid, and so do simple conversations between fans at times. People post their reactions to the latest book or episode and all I can think is, "Wow. I didn't notice ANY OF THESE THINGS."

While I may be good with words, the less said about my observational skills, the better. (I once tried to use a simile to express this, which resulted in a long internal debate on the possibility of sentient brick walls, followed by speculations about the observational skills of trees and deaf moles, respectively. Since then I have aspired to stay as far away from similes as possible.)

Still, I suppose it's not like being The One Who Started It comes with any obligations. And if I feel obliged regardless, I can always say something along the lines of "Congratulations, you have just proven that you're way smarter than I am."

It probably won't get many members, anyway.
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Told you there was going to be a post. Although, actually it is kind of rare for me to actually do the things I announce I am going to do, isn't it? At least not this soon.

so, EXTRA SPECIAL Dragon Age II screencaps )

I love it when other people post their characters, by the way. It's always so interesting to see what kinds of facial features they chose.
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OMG. I'm done with the first season. Well, not the first-first, you know what I mean - first of the newer ones. I had SO MUCH FUN ... but now there's a new Doctor and I'm all confused! I'd been afraid of that moment from the beginning because I really liked Christopher Eccleston and I knew he was going to disappear eventually. It happened earlier than I'd hoped. :(

Also, this is kind of funny - I amuse myself with my own ignorance. So, the day I downloaded all those Doctor Who seasons, I also downloaded some Torchwood because I had this vague inkling that they were either connected somehow or just liked by a lot of the same people (this is what you get from lurking around the edges of fandom). No, of course it didn't occur to me to do some research first; whyever do you ask? :P

Anyway, I had no idea that Torchwood was actually a spin-off, and likely wouldn't have found out for a long time if I hadn't liked Captain Jack Harkness so much* that I googled him in a reckless attempt to somehow find out if he was going to return later without spoiling myself in the process (!!) - so guess how surprised I was when I discovered that he had his own series! And it was already on my computer! XD

Sometimes I enjoy exploring new fandoms this way ... "Oh, this is interesting - and that, too - wait, those are connected? OMG, there's more of this stuff?!" Research would only ruin the fun. :P I know, I know, I'm abusing smilies today. It's not my fault, I'm in New Fandom Mode! I can't help it!!

*When I say "like" ... I'm not even sure what I mean. I'd probably hate him if he were real. But ... but ... what is this "reality" you speak of. Have I met it?
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I'm beginning to get tired of saying this, but I had another lightbulb moment. ;D Don't you just love it when something very spontaneously starts to make sense? As in, you're innocently walking towards the bathroom sink, minding your own business - and all of a sudden the SENSE attacks you out of nowhere?! D: (Okay, apparently I think I'm funny today. I do that sometimes.)

Anyway, you might remember that I've written about the word "crazy" before, and that I said I had trouble understanding why some people found it offensive. Although I recognised that it was more of a personal thing based on unusual connotations, I also had a logical argument to offer: namely that it hasn't been an official term for quite some time now and thus no longer even refers to actual mental illness - or shouldn't, at least.

Here's the thing, though. I just remembered something. I remembered that when I was a child, long before I ever heard of the various types of mental illness that exist, I thought there was a condition called "craziness". I thought that "crazy" people were extremely confused, scary and sometimes dangerous. Most importantly, I was convinced that it was impossible for a crazy person to be aware of their own craziness. That is not okay.

I don't think I picked up this notion anywhere in particular - I probably didn't have to. I mean, what are children supposed to think? What is a five-year-old supposed to think upon hearing someone joke, "if you think you're going crazy, chances are you're not"?

And it's not like I magically stopped thinking this way as soon as I learned about depression and anxiety. I was only surprised, for a moment, that there were mental illnesses that didn't make you properly crazy. Schizophrenia, though? Surely, that must be the "real" craziness! I believe I was a teenager by the time I reached this point, and fortunately I never stopped learning. Others get stuck somewhere along the way, and THAT'S why it's a problem. Lo and behold, I get it now!

Of course we're not all spreading harmful misinformation every single time we use the word. "I'm crazy busy!" or "That was a crazy party!" hardly tell children anything about its meaning. However, those phrases do distract from the fact that it has a meaning, and don't do anything to counteract the misinformation that's already circulating. "You'd have to be crazy in order to think that!" or "What a crazy bitch!" confirm that it must mean something bad, though, and reinforce actual bigots in their thinking.

That's the crucial point: We, the people who can make it through an entire post about this topic, are hardly the problem. We just accidentally encourage those who are and make it harder for anyone to identify them - we unknowingly provide them with cover and ammunition.

I refuse to participate in any of that. I won't use the word anymore unless I'm calling myself crazy in a value-neutral way. :) It's not about being "politically correct" or never wanting to piss anyone off, ever - I just really dislike misinformation. Also, plz to not be teaching the next generation that people like me are all monsters.

Lots of Chaos

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010 05:29 pm
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I just accidentally went into town for nothing because I had, in essence, forgotten that I didn't have any money yet. The exact circumstances that led to this strange mistake were a little more complicated than that, of course, but attempting to explain all that would probably turn this into the most pointless entry of epic proportions I have ever written. Not to mention the most boring one, unless you find detailed descriptions of my convoluted thought processes unexpectedly entertaining. Let's just say I know exactly what went wrong there. Nothing beats my internal logic! Or selective memory, rather.

In other news, Daniel and Timo are in Berlin now. There's a convoluted story behind that, too ... I don't quite get it myself. All I know is that he was planning to spend a few days there three weeks from now, without Timo (Daniel's mother had offered to watch over him during that time), then yesterday he suddenly started to talk about leaving at once, taking Timo with him and staying a whole month, but in the end it was decided that the two of them would go together today, come back in a week, and additionally we'd stick to the original plan anyway. I'm confused, too. o.O

I'm quite enjoying the peace and quiet, lack of money and food aside. Tomorrow I'll go shopping for real and the day after that I'll go again because someone will be able to drive me then so I can get some of the larger and heavier things. I hope that by Saturday I'll also have managed to get enough of the necessary housework done that I'll be able to mostly relax for the rest of the time.

I've been working on that in the most disorganised fashion, doing whatever caught my eye whenever I felt like it, never even stopping to make sure that I finished one thing before I started the next - or doing the most important stuff first, for that matter. This strategy, or rather lack thereof, turned out to be surprisingly effective. Interesting.

They'll return right on my birthday, which is funny. Considering that I'll probably be missing Timo quite a lot by then, it'll be like I'm getting him back for a present. :)


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