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Huh. I just saw pictures and a video of Anders in Awakening. o_O This is. What. I am very confused. D: I mean, I expected his face to be different, but not that much and I thought at least the voice would be the same! Now I definitely understand why people were unhappy with the changes. Well. Not understand as in I suddenly like that one better; first impressions and everything. But it must have been jarring. (Also, ugh - getting this weird action hero vibe there.)

Which ... brings me to my next DA2 post, I suppose? I'm so late with all this, but I can't shut up about it. By now I have seven characters (...), though one is still very fresh and I'm not sure if I want to keep her, and number four kind of got abandoned really early on. So technically I finished the game four times (I know!) and have another playthrough going where I'm relatively far along. What's funny is that I still discovered a whole lot of new things during this one - mostly conversations that went differently because I'm finally playing an opportunist rather than various types of nice or at least somewhat ... righteous people, but I also went for rivalry with some characters on purpose, made friends with Isabela for the first time and took Bethany into the Deep Roads with me (!!!). Surprises everywhere!

I'm not done picking out screenshots yet, sorry. But while I'm at it, here are the parts of my offline log that relate to the game ... puns and frustrations )

And then I've got this undated note in which I am amused by the names Merin and Emrys. Missing an L there, Merin?! :P


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