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I just realised that the way I have been eating during this month so far may not be good for me. I mean, part of it was not being able to have regular meals and that is obviously not good for anyone, but I also keep getting that annoying feeling again - that each time I'm done eating, I'm simultaneously still hungry and yet uncomfortably full. At first I thought it might be an effect of not eating enough overall, but on some days that was really not true ...

Then it occured to me that until I spent too much money at IKEA, I'd been eating an awful lot of protein - all those chickpeas, you know. XD It's pretty normal for me to have cold cuts on not-bread* at least twice a day, plus at least one warm meal containing meat, beans, chickpeas or cheese (until recently also eggs), and additionally I'd been eating chickpeas as snacks. And sausages. I never noticed how often that happened because it wasn't on purpose, but now that I'm thinking back on it ...

What changed was that I tried to limit my chickpea consumption to when they were part of a warm meal, and then I ran out of cheese for a few days. Once I had cheese again, I ran out of lunch meat (which I think is the right term even though I never eat it for lunch). And now I'm feeling terrible. I don't even like my breakfast anymore.

But. I can't just empty a can of chickpeas and a can of beans and a third of a package of cheese or lunch meat or both every single day. That would be financial madness, not to mention pretty weird. How do vegetarians do this?! Do I have an unnaturally high need for protein???

This is kind of freaking me out because if those things are indeed related, then I just don't know how I'm supposed to afford survival. I can't even think straight, hopefully this post is not too incoherent. I'll go food shopping now, but I don't know how long I can reasonably expect to make everything last once I've got it.

One more week until I finally get to see that doctor again who may or may not have failed to inform me of the correct conditions under which to be tested for celiac disease.

*I wish this didn't always mean rice crackers. Well, sometimes it means corn crackers. Oh, the variety.


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