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Friday, July 8th, 2011 03:59 am
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Still not actually writing about the Stuff That Happened. I'm getting there, promise. In the meantime, have a-

Well, this requires an explanation.

When I feel the need to post a screenshot of something random, I usually do this on Tumblr because that's where it's easiest. Then I either let the image speak for itself or add some hints as to what it means in the shape of tags and excited all-caps flailing because it's Tumblr and that's how (almost) everyone does things over there and it's contagious, et cetera et cetera.

So that's what I just did. Without thinking. And then I turned my brain back on and realised that the only place where I actually have readers (like, two) who would know what I'm talking about is DW, but now I'd feel silly transforming the Tumblr post into a slightly less flaily and slightly more informative version to post over here, and thus ... well ...

Have a screenshot of a Tumblr post in which I posted a screenshot.

not particularly interesting to those unfamiliar with Vladimir Taltos )

Seriously though. You don't understand. My love for this series cannot possibly be expressed in mere words. While I didn't have internet access except for being able to visit Twitter from my phone, one of the things that I said there was: "Some music is better than rollercoasters." Well, books have nothing in common with rollercoasters, but Vlad is better than ... alcohol. Not that I'm particularly fond of alcohol in the first place, mind you - I'm just saying that if I ever needed something to get drunk on for some reason or another, I'd pick these books over ... wait, why would I need something to get drunk on??

Metaphors: Approach With Caution.

Food. Vlad is better than food. Lots of food. An endless supply of my favourite foods and beverages in the whole world, which also magically disappear from my stomach each time so that I can just keep on eating and drinking without ever getting full while still experiencing the satisfaction from having swallowed something tasty.

Better than that.

Yeah, idk either. I think I'm high on sleep deprivation again.


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