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One of the stranger things to come out of 2012 so far is that I'm learning Russian. I don't even know why. One day I was simply in the mood to hang out on Livemocha a bit and then I started about a million new courses at once, not quite realising that I was essentially trying on languages for size. I honestly thought I was going to proceed with all of them and silently berated myself for multitasking, but it quickly became apparent that only Russian had really caught my interest.

I have since figured out what my problem was with not only the other languages I looked at that day, but also the ones I had previously attempted to use the site for. It's quite ironic: I couldn't maintain the motivation to practise those because I had a reason for wanting to learn each of them. I wanted to be able to speak French because France is close to Germany and lots of people I know speak it, too. Japanese, to understand what GACKT was singing and to be able to watch some scenes from video games (and related material) in their original language. Finnish, Norwegian and Portuguese because I know or used to know people from those countries. Turkish because you're practically bound to meet at least one person who speaks it wherever you go here in Germany.

But incentive is good, right? ... Apparently not if you're me.

I have nothing to gain from studying Russian other than the enjoyment of learning a new language, so don't ask me why I decided to try it out. I guess I saw it on the drop-down list and went, "Oh hey. I've always liked the sound of that one. Let's add it to my courses, too." And here I am now, almost two weeks later, completely disinterested in the others and practising Russian as if I were planning to emigrate. Still doing it every two days or so even though I don't have Daniel's computer anymore and Livemocha takes painfully long to load on mine.

Should I eventually lose interest, achieve fluency and/or run out of available lessons, I have decided that I'm going to choose my next language the same way. Sooner or later I should get around to a more "useful" one through mere coincidence, right? And if I end up speaking ten languages before it comes to that, well. No harm done. :P

I wish I had realised this years ago when I first discovered the site. I could be speaking ten languages already! ... Possibly. Ahem. Overconfident, me?? o.O

It's so much fun, though. And the alphabet is a challenge, but not a big enough one to be discouraging. I don't know how I could possibly make my keyboard produce those letters, but reading them is starting to get easier. Maybe once I have a better computer again, I'll figure out some sort of on-screen keyboard work-around thingie. In the meantime I could try writing some words down by hand to practise.

So that's the other thing I do these days, aside from watching Stargate. XD
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I just realised that I've become much more relaxed about revealing my identity online. It all started with that incident in the summer where I freaked out over accidentally having used several of my aliases in the same place or something like that, after which I somehow managed to get used to the idea instead of trying to delete all evidence. Now I'm using the same name in many places and don't even care who knows that some of the others are also me.

The only thing I don't do is link to this place from Tumblr or Twitter. When I recently added someone from Tumblr on Last.fm, I also removed the link to my DW from my profile over there. That's just because I don't want to make it too easy for anyone to "look me up", though - I wouldn't deny the connection and I'm not afraid to use the same icon everywhere, either. And my current Twitter-and-Tumblr icon has half of my face in it. :)

Having a name to put into the "real name" fields helped, too. Suddenly my usernames just aren't as important anymore because they're not what I want people to call me, anyway.

All this occured to me when I couldn't remember which email I'd used to sign up for Livemocha, heh. I decided to simply register anew and this time I didn't even have to think about which email to use. I added a few more languages to my "wants to learn" list than last time, one of them being French.

I'm not sure if I'll ever manage to actually learn French, though. :S That language, it's just - it's all flowy and melty and the sentences are over before you've even had a chance to decipher the first word! Not recommended for anyone with auditory processing difficulties, I say. I know what the words mean when I read them, but hearing them spoken out loud makes my eyes cross and don't even get me started on memorising how to say them myself. You have to leave out half the letters and everything.

I always liked Latin. :P

On that note, I looked up Irish Gaelic earlier because I recalled [livejournal.com profile] loupcelte having mentioned it at some point, and came across the following:
Tá leabhar agam. "I have a book." (Literally, "there is a book at me.")
... THERE IS A BOOK AT ME. XD That instantly brought back pleasant memories of Latin lessons. While the rest of the class was sitting there wishing for time to pass faster, I was all "Eee! Funny literal translations! LOLOL this language is so cute!" o.O

Be glad there are no Irish Gaelic courses on Livemocha.
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Realised that I can still eat dark chocolate. Face, meet palm. I never liked it all that much on its own, but lots of things that happen to be coated with dark chocolate have just become an option again.

Also, I recently discovered how easy to use downloadable subtitles are. I thought I'd have to learn how to install them first and was never in the mood to go looking for a tutorial, so I told myself that it was totally okay if I only understood 60% of what I was watching sometimes. Except it obviously wasn't. This is why I am very happy to have accidentally downloaded a torrent that already included the subtitles for all files, which then turned out to be all simple and self-explanatory! If you use VLC, that is - I don't know about other players.

It was about time I figured that out, too. How did I even make it through five seasons of Doctor Who without subtitles?! There was a point, somewhere along the way, when I asked myself if watching things in English was really worth this much trouble. I very nearly started to consider (LOL) downloading German dubs instead, if available.

Then I realised that I don't actually understand German much better. Haha. I mean, of course there is a difference. I've had 24 years to get used to this language, to identify patterns and become relatively good at guessing what someone might have said if I didn't properly catch it - with English I just don't have that. Still, I've seen things in German that I didn't understand more than maybe 75% of, either. Come to think of it, I've had conversations of which I understood less than that. It's all a question of luck.

So basically, all those times I tried to watch something in English without subtitles because after all I didn't "need" subtitles for German, either? I should have considered the option that maybe I do. The stress I could have been avoiding! >_<

Can't decide what it was that fucked me over: lack of information, internalised ableism or pride. Possibly a combination of all three.


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