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Hah. I just discovered the new Facebook & Twitter integration while I was commenting on someone's LJ, and guess what I did next? That's right, I went to Dreamwidth's Latest Things page to check if this had caused any drama. :D And of course I wasn't disappointed! I don't think they actually did much wrong this time, aside from the fact that posting comments has suddenly become harder for people who use the tab bar or macros to get to the "post comment" button - which I'm sure can be fixed easily.* The privacy issues that people were reporting mostly turned out to be false alarms.

There is one thing that does worry me though: While it has always been possible to manually repost your own comment on someone else's locked post wherever you want (well, duh), I don't think anyone ever actually did that, do you? Not often, anyway. But now we've been given the option to do it with a single click and I bet some will end up doing it accidentally. Way to go, guys, making it incredibly easy for anyone to notify the whole world that LiveJournal user X made a friends-locked post about subject Y!

Man, it's been around six years since I discovered LJ now and things just keep going wrong. There's been so much drama, I wish everyone would finally give up on it and come over to Dreamwidth. It's nice here. If you have a suggestion or complaint, you can be sure that you'll be heard!

I still have a bunch of invite codes to spare if anyone wants them.

*IF they listen to these concerns, that is. If they don't, that would be some fucked up shit.


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