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There was going to be a different post here, but then I decided I was entirely too tired to be allowed to write anything of substance, so I scrapped it.

Instead, I need to link you to this Tumblr post I made earlier. It went on Tumblr because that's where I saw the thing I was reacting to, but it totally deserves to be reposted here.

I call this "I accidentally my body" because I kind of love that meme ok

So basically it looks like I accidentally raised the level of testosterone in my body to the point where it actually had noticeable effects. Seriously, THOSE SKIN PROBLEMS HAVE BEEN PUZZLING THE HELL OUT OF ME. I was all, "Puberty what are you doing, I thought I had escaped this effect of yours the first time around, why have you come back to haunt me, this is not fair ..."

I knew it must have something to do with what I was eating, but I couldn't figure out how. And I cannot believe that it is even possible to achieve this with food alone (okay, plus better sleep and ... more exercise ... oh), but it also seemed kind of suspicious that my menstrual cycle spontaneously lengthened by a week at the exact same time. I was even considering seeing a doctor about it, but otoh I was also quite happy to have another "free" week each month ...

Guise, this is pretty much the most hilarious thing that has ever happened to me. THE IRONY OMG. Because you know what? While I had no internet, I sort of sat here wondering if such a thing was possible, annoyed that I couldn't research it. Just out of curiosity, mind. But curiosity killed the cat yadda yadda; I am not a cat, only the kind of person who at the age of 25 still does spontaneous kitchen experiments that possibly resemble alchemy more than cooking.

... I will be entirely, perfectly unable to resist testing how far this can go.
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Oh gods what is wrong with my stomach. Was it the eggs? The ketchup? The oat milk? The caffeine in my iced tea? Something else in my iced tea? Please, please not the eggs. Anything but the eggs. Owww.

Can I just ... stop eating forever? No? AUGH. Blasted human bodies.

At least I have this dairy-free carrot cake to look forward to. I am so trying that. No idea what almond meal is, but it does say I can use flour instead. Carrots are yet another item on the list of things I can't eat raw, so I always appreciate an opportunity to do something unusual with them.

Then again, there are eggs in that recipe. Anything but the eggs, please. D:

So as you may have noticed, I have not been magically relieved of all my ills lately. Looks like my mother's acquaintance (this is starting to sound like a secret codename) simply got extremely lucky. You're supposed to feel significantly better after only a few days, but I didn't notice even the tiniest difference after more than a week. I still tried to keep on taking the stuff for a while, but gave up when I started to repeatedly lose track of when my last "breakfast" had been due to insomnia.

There's still enough left that I could give it another go when I'm back to a halfway stable sleeping pattern, but if I do that, it'll mostly be to avoid wasting it.


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