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Oh my goodness. My entire life has acquired a distinct Rosencrantz And Guildenstern Are Dead theme lately. It's funny and sad and absurd on so many levels at once that I couldn't possibly put it into words. (Yet I predict that I'll try soon enough.) Also, the soundtrack currently consists almost exclusively of Kasabian's "Goodbye Kiss" and a Red Hot Chili Peppers b-side called "Funny Face" - as well as "The Crushing of the Little People" by Sucioperro when I'm angry, but that's nothing new (it's just so satisfying to hear someone sing "fuck you, don't dare think I'll take your shit again" when you're pissed off).

Now, as for those news. I've decided to risk going on vacation with my family regardless of my presently somewhat unstable condition, seeing as I would have had to go on "therapy break" soon anyway and I might as well make the most use of it that I can. Also, things happened and what is even the point of going back anymore, or of anything, oh gods I can't think I shouldn't be writing-

WHAT I AM TRYING TO SAY. Is this. Vacation: one week in Denmark. Monday nine days from now until Sunday. Therapy break: two weeks sort of surrounding that one week. From the Wednesday that's coming up until either exactly two weeks later or maybe a few more days if there are no free beds then. Which means I'll


I only just realised

... Does anyone even care? Basically I'll be back for a few days, gone for a week, back for a few more days and then gone again. And my brain won't let me finish sentences, so whatever.


Stopping By #3

Saturday, September 10th, 2011 12:41 pm
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I'm home for the weekend again. Meanwhile the weather has spontaneously decided that it is now autumn, which I strongly disapprove of because I don't have enough warm clothes yet. Yikes. I really could have used a little warning. Also, I've been losing weight for unknown reasons and neither know if that's still happening nor if my medication will reverse the process, so basically if I buy any clothes now, there's a chance that only two weeks later they might be either too big or too small. How am I supposed to handle this, keep freezing until I see an obvious trend?!

Well. If there's anything you can count on, it's that I will always worry about clothes for one reason or another. XD

Last week I forgot to mention that I had downloaded the new Red Hot Chili Peppers album, I'm With You, and that I like it more than I expected I would. I'm definitely going to buy the physical CD sooner or later, but right now I'm not entirely sure how much money I do or do not have because Mrs D has hopefully been paying some things in my stead. Now I'm trying to get my hands on a download of the new Kasabian album as well, but I'm sad that I won't be able to listen to it "properly" because my current headphones aren't very good. :(

Unless ... I was planning to visit Daniel tomorrow, in part to use his stereo to listen to my favourites from I'm With You out loud for a change (and to see what he thinks of them). He doesn't like Kasabian much, but maaaybe ... if I ask nicely ...? It can't be much longer than half an hour, right?

Apparently when I don't have the option to watch tv shows, my entire life starts to revolve around music. ;)


Thursday, July 7th, 2011 11:57 pm
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Today has been one of the nicest birthdays I've had in several years. Not too exciting, but really nice. :) And not a single bad thing happened, unless you count the fact that I didn't get much sleep. It hardly made a difference.

Before I even went to bed, I already had some fun because I was still online after midnight, and so were [livejournal.com profile] dollrock, [personal profile] zanzando and [personal profile] chasingthunder (for whom it wasn't midnight yet). Between Twitter and here, I talked to all three of you at the same time once, which was awesome because for some reason I hardly ever manage to be online at the right moment to have ongoing conversations like that with one person, never mind three. It was excellent timing.

I was also pleasantly surprised just by how many people wished me a happy birthday. I doubt all of them truly cared (nor did I care whether some of them cared, if you get my meaning), but it was still nice to see an email notification pop up every few minutes.

We'll skip the part where I slept badly and then spent what little was left of the morning doing boring stuff. Moving on. I needed to go grocery shopping, so of course I reasoned that since it was my birthday, I was allowed to spend a little more money than usual. That's why I am now surrounded by luxuries - ahem - such as pomegranate-flavoured iced tea and two types of lactose-free chocolate. I'm pretty sure I deserve that much after two months of (mostly) sticking to the basics.

Then Daniel came over, who proudly announced that even though he didn't have a present for me yet, he at least knew what to get me already. Heh. As we waited for my family to show up, I got a phone call from the social worker known here as A, who asked if she could quickly stop by to drop off my present. Which she then did. I'd given her a list of several CDs to choose from and was quite delighted to discover that the one she'd actually bought me was my current favourite, Biffy Clyro's Infinity Land. :D She also gave me a mug (always useful) and some more chocolate.

My mother and my sisters arrived while she was still there, so now they've met. My brother stayed home, which turned out to be oddly convenient because we wanted to go to the lake and this way Daniel fit into the car, too.

The first thing we did once we got there was to try out the recently overhauled restaurant by the water - I hadn't had the time to eat a proper lunch. For a moment we were all decidedly baffled by the menu, especially me since I needed to figure out which of the items on it I could eat without endangering my health, and none of us even knew what half of them were. Fortunately, a very friendly and patient waitress soon came to our rescue. She not only answered all of our questions, but even picked up on the nature of my particular problem without being prompted and asked me what it was that I couldn't eat so that she could have the cook put something unique together. It was such a relief; I'm not used to people being helpful anymore!

In the end, I think most of us were happy with what we found on our plates.

After that we just walked around for some time, talking and enjoying the scenery. Also, this happened:

E and M crossing a stream by balancing on a very thin ... something

In case you're wondering, nobody fell into the water. Daniel pwned us all by casually walking over the thing as if it were no big deal. :D I considered giving it a go myself, but seeing as I was suffering from moderate dizziness at the time, I decided that it would be a Very Bad Idea.

My mother's present is that she will take me to IKEA in two weeks or so and pay for one or two of the bigger things I'll pick. This makes me happy on several levels. (I know I mentioned on Twitter that I was postponing my IKEA trip to August, but I'm relatively certain I've discovered a way to do the shopping now and pay later, so that's not necessary anymore.)

Last but not least, they brought me my old keyboard. I'd left it at their place when I moved out because I didn't have the space for it and knew that my mother wished she could keep it, but recently I found myself missing it. When I mentioned this to her, she said she didn't need it anymore and of course it was still mine anyway, so I could have it back. I just hadn't been expecting to see it today, at all. That was another pleasant surprise.

On the whole, not a bad way to celebrate having survived a quarter of a century.

I think the waitress assumed I was underage. XD


Friday, December 24th, 2010 11:25 am
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I have to say I find The Decemberists' lyrics a bit ridiculous at times. You know, the kind of ridiculous where I chuckle at them fondly while singing them. ;) They seem to have got that whole work theme going on - ooh~, sailors. Ooh~, soldiers. Ooh~, miners. And some of the songs sound like old folk tales. But there is something about their music ... I can't quite put my finger on it (trololol Merlin quote XD). "Rox in the Box" from their new album makes me feel like I'm finally back home after a long time. I have no idea. Maybe I used to know a children's song that sounded similar??

What's even more puzzling is that while I was contemplating this, I inexplicably had to think of that cheesy old film I used to like, The Magical Legend of the Leprechauns. Ahaha. Oh dear, that was on German television once a year or so and I watched it every. Single. Time. Maybe around Christmas? Is that why it occured to me just now? In retrospect I can't help but think that it's probably also ridiculous, but oh man. Fairies and leprechauns and Whoopi Goldberg? As a teenager I was in looooove with it. :D

*looks at screencaps* OMG THAT IS WHERE I KNOW THE GUY FROM PARKED FROM. Riddle: solved!

And thus concludes today's trip down memory lane.

Good Deeds

Friday, November 12th, 2010 02:00 pm
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I forgot to mention this when it happened, but a few days ago I actually bought a song. Yeah, imagine that! Well, it was for charity and only cost me 77 cents. I may be broke, but not that broke. :D Plus I really wanted to hear it and would have felt extremely bad about not paying.

I am talking, of course, about SuperEvolver's "Viva la Revolution", featuring Tom Meighan of Kasabian a.k.a. That Guy In My Icon. I like it a lot and all proceeds go to UNICEF's Pakistan Flood Children's Appeal and the Harley Staples Cancer Trust, so check it out on iTunes or Amazon if you feel so inclined.

(I was really glad I could get it from Amazon because I don't have a credit card and still don't fully understand PayPal due to never having used it, and Amazon doesn't require either.)

Post of Randomness

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010 10:46 pm
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1. I spent 18 hours in bed earlier, most of them asleep. Personal record? I think so.

2. Episode 9 of season 5 was actually good. Wow.

3. For some reason I've had "Morning Glory" by Oasis stuck in my head since yesterday. I kept having these sudden urges to listen to it until I finally gave in and downloaded the album it's on.

4. I blame this post on my allergy meds. The lactose-free version makes me feel all wooooozy.

5. Need a little time to wake up wake up.

Over and out.

ETA: LMAO I NEVER REALISED THE IRONY OF POINTS 1 AND 5 PUT TOGETHER. Oh my life, it makes me LOL forever. Ye gods, I am rhyming.

Random Music Love

Sunday, June 20th, 2010 01:36 pm
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Songs I am absolutely addicted to at the moment:

1) Patrick Wolf - Oblivion (♥ "danger, danger, danger" ♥)
2) IAMX - The Great Shipwreck of Life (that beat kills me dead)
3) The Cure - The Lovecats (:D :D :D)
4) The Kills - Tape Song (I'm not really into the rest of their stuff though)
5) Bon Jovi - Love Lies (uh, yeah ... o.O)

Marina & the Diamonds' "Oh No!" and Gossip's "For Keeps" deserve a honorable mention because I've grown the tiniest little bit sick of them lately, but they definitely would have made the list until about two weeks ago.

Also, John Frusciante's entire album The Empyrean and a few songs by Madrugada (@[livejournal.com profile] spurious_sanity: totally your fault! XD).

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I tried to post this on Twitter, but couldn't find a way to narrow it down to 140 characters.

You know what's hilarious? Belatedly finding out what Frank Zappa's "Bobby Brown Goes Down" is about after years and years of only knowing it as That Song I Used To Like As A Kid.

Cannot. Stop. Laughing.


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