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I just remembered something that I've been meaning to write about for weeks. There is this thing I like to say that people often don't get: "I kind of put fruits and vegetables in the same category as sweets - I only eat them for the taste, pretty much, and not because I expect them to make me less hungry." A common reaction to this statement is to stare at me as if I'd just grown another head and ask, "Uhhh ... but what about vitamins?!"

Sadly, the last time this happened, I got confused and couldn't think of a good reply. Which is a shame because I have one. :)

Sure, fruits and vegetables contain vitamins. Duh. So do other foods - almost everything that you can eat aside from pure white sugar is bound to contain something other than just fat, protein and/or carbs. What I tend to forget is that most people aren't fully aware of the fact that this is why we like them. Do you have orange juice around? I can almost promise you that if you were to smell it now and didn't feel like drinking any, it would mean that you've already consumed enough vitamin C today (or there's enough left in your body from yesterday).

Normally this works with macronutrients, too. In my case it does. If you place a bowl of sweets in front of me and I've already had enough sugar for the day and/or am not hungry at the moment, I won't be at all tempted to eat them. I mean, ewww. D: Unfortunately the same isn't true for everyone, thanks to upbringing, habits, diets etc. - it took a while for my instincts to return, too.

So when I say that I eat fruits and vegetables for their taste, I am only putting them in opposition to things like bread or meat that I mostly eat to reduce hunger. I am operating under the assumption that - unless a newly acquired allergy or food intolerance is currently screwing with me, ahem* - I do not need to consciously remind myself to eat specific nutrients because if left alone, I will. What I am saying is that most fruits and vegetables are just not filling ... but freaking tasty. :D

*I haven't made as much progress as I'd like. Most days I still end up going "BUT WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO EAT" at some point. Oddly enough, fat is more of a problem than protein - I've discovered lentils. Heh.


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