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Monday, February 20th, 2012 05:24 pm
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Today I finally used my "purple" hairdye and discovered that it was actually red. Whoops?! But I don't really mind because it's just cool to have a colourful strand in my fringe at all. I've never had anything like it before! Not even "standard" highlights. They always seemed so expensive, which was probably true until relatively recently. Now I'm quite excited about getting an opportunity to introduce myself to new people with a haircut that I like and some colour in it. I'm so used to my appearance not reflecting my personality or taste in the slightest that this is really awesome. :)

Oh yeah, and I did make up my mind on how to style it eventually, although I believe it took over a week. Heh. I'm just going to take the exact pictures that I posted on Tumblr and put them under a cut because I'm not in the mood to edit them further, if only to shrink them a bit ...

one without the colour, one from today )

Believe me, the red looks completely different IRL. In the picture it seems almost painted on, but in fact the whole area that I chose to dye got thoroughly soaked so that it's lighter than the rest all the way through. It's much lighter than it looks here in general. Sometimes I walk past a mirror and think it's pink! XD I'm also very happy with the placement, which I'd been worried I'd mess up because I'd never done this before.

Mind you, I am a little disappointed that it's not purple. :( Red is not a colour that I would have chosen on purpose and although purple wouldn't have been my first choice, either (if blue or dark magenta had been available), at least it would have meant something to me because I associate it with lots of cool things like the asexuality flag and such. Red is just ... red. Meh.

Also, I wonder what kind of impression this will result in when combined with some of my super boring clothes, LOL. Not that I care what people will think, I just wish I had more than a few items that I actually like. Nevertheless, a step forward has been taken! :D
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Here, have a quick demonstration of the main difference between my usage of LJ and DW these days:

screenshots of my profiles on each site; way more comms on DW

Note that while there are many inactive ones included in these numbers on either site, on LJ some are also just there because I joined them to gain access to their archives or something and I filtered them out of my actual flist. I keep forgetting to check my "just reading" filter over there because nothing ever happens on it. Like maybe one post in two weeks during a particularly active period. :P

On Dreamwidth I keep joining communities instead. That's what happens if you're subscribed to [site community profile] dw_community_promo, I guess.


Wednesday, November 30th, 2011 06:53 pm
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Oops, I nearly forgot to post this before going to bed. Otherwise I would have tried to adjust the quality a bit more, but whatevs.

Origami boxes

On the left is the one that I've been making for some time, on the right is the inside-out version that I came up with a few days ago. You can't see it because I apparently wasn't thinking when I decided at which angle to hold the camera, but the inside of the left one is entirely coloured whereas the "floor" of the right one is white. Both have a second layer of wall that sticks off a bit on one side of each ... uh, side (...), but in one case it's on the inside of the box and thus not very noticeable. I wouldn't keep tiny objects in that one because they'd get stuck under the flaps.

Now what I'd like to know is, has anybody ever seen a box like these before?! Because the idea is so simple that I can't believe I'm the first one to think of it.

Uh oh, I really need to go to bed. *runs off*


Friday, November 25th, 2011 01:53 pm
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This was on sale for only €3 today:

purple hair dye

I decided to take that as a sign, directed at me personally by a supernatural being of some kind who just happens to be really invested in getting to see me with purple hair. ;) I'd been hesitating because it wasn't my favourite shade of purple and I was more interested in blue, anyway. However, the chances of ever finding blue dye for cheap in a boring small town store are pretty slim ...

I'm going to wait until the black is mostly washed out before I try it, though. I can't imagine it would work very well on top of a different dye.


Thursday, July 7th, 2011 11:57 pm
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Today has been one of the nicest birthdays I've had in several years. Not too exciting, but really nice. :) And not a single bad thing happened, unless you count the fact that I didn't get much sleep. It hardly made a difference.

Before I even went to bed, I already had some fun because I was still online after midnight, and so were [livejournal.com profile] dollrock, [personal profile] zanzando and [personal profile] chasingthunder (for whom it wasn't midnight yet). Between Twitter and here, I talked to all three of you at the same time once, which was awesome because for some reason I hardly ever manage to be online at the right moment to have ongoing conversations like that with one person, never mind three. It was excellent timing.

I was also pleasantly surprised just by how many people wished me a happy birthday. I doubt all of them truly cared (nor did I care whether some of them cared, if you get my meaning), but it was still nice to see an email notification pop up every few minutes.

We'll skip the part where I slept badly and then spent what little was left of the morning doing boring stuff. Moving on. I needed to go grocery shopping, so of course I reasoned that since it was my birthday, I was allowed to spend a little more money than usual. That's why I am now surrounded by luxuries - ahem - such as pomegranate-flavoured iced tea and two types of lactose-free chocolate. I'm pretty sure I deserve that much after two months of (mostly) sticking to the basics.

Then Daniel came over, who proudly announced that even though he didn't have a present for me yet, he at least knew what to get me already. Heh. As we waited for my family to show up, I got a phone call from the social worker known here as A, who asked if she could quickly stop by to drop off my present. Which she then did. I'd given her a list of several CDs to choose from and was quite delighted to discover that the one she'd actually bought me was my current favourite, Biffy Clyro's Infinity Land. :D She also gave me a mug (always useful) and some more chocolate.

My mother and my sisters arrived while she was still there, so now they've met. My brother stayed home, which turned out to be oddly convenient because we wanted to go to the lake and this way Daniel fit into the car, too.

The first thing we did once we got there was to try out the recently overhauled restaurant by the water - I hadn't had the time to eat a proper lunch. For a moment we were all decidedly baffled by the menu, especially me since I needed to figure out which of the items on it I could eat without endangering my health, and none of us even knew what half of them were. Fortunately, a very friendly and patient waitress soon came to our rescue. She not only answered all of our questions, but even picked up on the nature of my particular problem without being prompted and asked me what it was that I couldn't eat so that she could have the cook put something unique together. It was such a relief; I'm not used to people being helpful anymore!

In the end, I think most of us were happy with what we found on our plates.

After that we just walked around for some time, talking and enjoying the scenery. Also, this happened:

E and M crossing a stream by balancing on a very thin ... something

In case you're wondering, nobody fell into the water. Daniel pwned us all by casually walking over the thing as if it were no big deal. :D I considered giving it a go myself, but seeing as I was suffering from moderate dizziness at the time, I decided that it would be a Very Bad Idea.

My mother's present is that she will take me to IKEA in two weeks or so and pay for one or two of the bigger things I'll pick. This makes me happy on several levels. (I know I mentioned on Twitter that I was postponing my IKEA trip to August, but I'm relatively certain I've discovered a way to do the shopping now and pay later, so that's not necessary anymore.)

Last but not least, they brought me my old keyboard. I'd left it at their place when I moved out because I didn't have the space for it and knew that my mother wished she could keep it, but recently I found myself missing it. When I mentioned this to her, she said she didn't need it anymore and of course it was still mine anyway, so I could have it back. I just hadn't been expecting to see it today, at all. That was another pleasant surprise.

On the whole, not a bad way to celebrate having survived a quarter of a century.

I think the waitress assumed I was underage. XD
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Told you there was going to be a post. Although, actually it is kind of rare for me to actually do the things I announce I am going to do, isn't it? At least not this soon.

so, EXTRA SPECIAL Dragon Age II screencaps )

I love it when other people post their characters, by the way. It's always so interesting to see what kinds of facial features they chose.
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My LJ calendar looks like some kind of pixelated spider creature today.

totally pointless picture
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I just changed my layout back to a premade theme because I wasn't getting anywhere with the customisation and got tired of staring at a half-done job all the time. In the process I noticed that a lot of rather nice-looking themes are available by now, which is awesome! I quite like this one, maybe I'll keep it for a while.

While I was at it, though, I also thought I'd use the opportunity to take some screenshots of all the odd little things that used to make picking a Dreamwidth layout so hard for me. I know it's generally easy to change a handful of details here and there if you're not 100% happy with a theme, but I almost exclusively use the premade ones to get through times when I don't feel up to customising anything, so I still wish there were more to choose from that I could use just the way they are.

I only took screenshots of what I consider to be the five worst offenders. Now, if the creators of those themes happen to read this post, please don't take it personally. I understand that individual tastes differ and what looks like a design error to me might have been a deliberate choice on your part (and even if it wasn't, you don't have to agree that it looks bad). Besides, they're still great themes in general. :)

The purpose of this post is mostly to answer the question "But what IS it that makes people dislike DW layouts?!" that I've seen pop up in various places lately. Here's my take.

pictures of 5 things that bug me )

My main pet peeve is actually sidebar headings that look oddly "caged in" by their surrounding borders because there isn't quite enough padding, but I may be the only person who even notices such tiny details.

(For the curious, I was inspired to do this by the latest news post.)


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