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I talk to myself way too often, and in English at that. Earlier I suddenly told myself, "What you need ... is a battle plan." And then I cracked up at the fact that I had just said this. Oh dear.

It was mostly because I had no idea why I'd said it that way - why a battle plan, why the dramatic pause, and most importantly why was I addressing myself in the second person?! :P Perhaps I've acquired one of those inner voices with a mind of their own that people in stories so often have. ;)

I really need a plan, though. I never feel down for too long because sooner or later an idea will form in my mind out of sheer desperation, and if I manage to turn the idea into a plan, then I'll be so excited by my own genius for a moment (please excuse me) that it supplies me with that tiny bit of energy that is required to put the first step of the plan into action. Since my plans usually work out perfectly for at least two days, that's all that it takes to get the ball rolling.

Problem is, this time I've only got the idea. It's a very vague idea. I'm very tired. HOW DO I MAKE IT INTO A PLAN?! D:

By the way, this is all in reaction to the thought that I cannot possibly be as helpless as I feel. There must be something I can do, and I'm fed up with not having tried anything new for a while. Naturally, I am (as usual) convinced that this idea is the best one yet. If I manage to formulate the plan before it slips my mind, it should totally make my life tons easier forever and ever! XD It honestly amuses me that I still feel this way after so many failed attempts.

Seriously though how do I brain. :S

ETA: Er, I forgot to say - I was thinking that maybe announcing this here would help me break the spell. Tomorrow I will hopefully inform you that I either got the plan put together or that I at least still remember the idea.


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