Friday, December 24th, 2010 12:49 am
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I thought I'd mention that I did start reading The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms at some point, it just unfortunately didn't manage to pull me in immediately and then my concentration issues prevented me from picking it up again. Now I'm kind of saving up my unread books for whenever I move out because I assume I'll be internetless for a week or three then.

However, today I was forced to do some waiting and didn't know how else to occupy myself, so I had a look inside Havemercy. And wow, in that case the being pulled in certainly happened. It was the following little sentence that did it:
Of course, you were hanged either way if another man stood up to accuse you of doing all manner of things you were relatively sure you hadn't.
Relatively sure. :D It's always those little bits that get me. Plot? What's a plot? Give me a protagonist who sounds either witty or adorably naive and I'm hooked. I'm very sorry to say this (and might change my mind later), but the main character of The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms seemed a little bland at first glance. :(

I'll try not to devour Havemercy immediately though. I'm looking forward to it now, but I can wait. Then there will be Nameless (once it finally GETS HERE, ARGH), which I am looking forward to on principle, and after that it'll only be a matter of time until I get around to The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms anyway. I've also been having urges to reread Good Omens lately ... and I might reread The Name of the Wind once more before the sequel comes out, too. FIRST OF MARCH!!

That should keep me occupied. Uh. Though come to think of it ... if I don't have internet, for how long? Five or six days?? XD Especially if I manage to find a comfortable chair ...

Typo of the Week

Thursday, December 16th, 2010 12:20 am
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dragon wrangler: uh oh, i think time is crying
dragon wrangler: i have to take a look
dragon wrangler: er, timo


dragon wrangler: "time is crying", that was funny
dragon wrangler: i am the mother of time
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I'm having fun. XD

more random thoughts, this time concerning episodes 2-4 )

Bonus lulz: Episode 3 had the faultiest subtitles ever. Highlights include:

- "In a land of myth and time of magic, the destiny of a great kingdom rests of shoulders on a young boy."
- "Wot are you doing?"
- "This city will be white dead." ...? (It was supposed to mean "wiped out".)

In the end I just turned them off. I had a harder time trying to figure out what they meant than understanding what people were saying! XD

Yes, uh. This has been a post.

LOL (literally)

Thursday, October 21st, 2010 04:45 pm
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I originally tried to squeeze this into 140 characters, but then Twitter ate the message and I realised that I hadn't been very successful at making myself clear anyway, so it goes here now. The long(er) version.

Daniel just said to me, "You're not going to spend the rest of the day laughing again, are you? Because, I mean, laughing is good and all, but yesterday it was a bit much."

And the strange part is, he has a point. How absurd is that. Last night I actually managed to laugh so much that I ended up feeling slightly sorry for the poor guy at the other end of the room, who obviously had no idea what was so funny.

Thank you, internet. XD
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I finished reading The Name of the Wind and it was just as much fun as the other two times. Oddly enough, I checked my old journals and discovered that both times it was also either September or early October. Now I almost want to turn that into a habit and reread the book around the same time each year. :D

You know what happens when I read books, right? (Hint: It involves quotes.)

Bits that stuck out to me this time:

It felt exactly like someone had hit me in the head with a church.

"You know how hard it is to find a pretty girl with the right sort of ears," Bast said matter-of-factly.

If not for him, I would never have become the man I am today. I ask that you not hold it against him. He meant well.

The sky was a featureless grey sheet of cloud that looked as if it wanted to rain but couldn't quite work up the energy.

I sorted these by length, haha. Just so the longer ones would be at the end and I could easily stick them all under a cut. )

And then, of course, there was the part that reminded me of why I ended up choosing the name faevii instead of various other options ending in -vii (other than the fact that [ profile] tavii was already taken): "You see, there's a fundamental connection between seeming and being. Every Fae child knows this, but you mortals never seem to see." Aaah, stop me from quoting the entire page again! I love that conversation.

I slightly regret that I decided to reread it so early, though. Now I still have to wait ages until the sequel comes out!!
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You know how people will sometimes accuse you of not having a sense of humour when you say that you found something offensive? I've had that happen. However, I just watched The Men Who Stare At Goats, found it hilarious, went online to search for reviews to see if I had missed any offensiveness, and discovered that apparently a whole lot of people just think it's really boring. Huh. Now that's what I'd call not having a sense of humour, if I were inclined to say such things. Which I'm not. ;)

Looks like some did also feel offended, but so far I have only seen that explained in a way that would make any explosions in a comedy offensive by default. I don't think that's reasonable. What I liked about the film, aside from the funny bits, was that it pleasantly surprised me by portraying several things in a negative light that I didn't expect it to (father calling boy gay just because he likes to dance -> father bad), and then there was that memorable conversation:
LYN CASSADY: I'm very sorry for running you over, sir.
MAHMUD DAASH: It was an accident.
LYN CASSADY: And I apologize for that security detachment. I don't want you to think that all Americans are like that.
MAHMUD DAASH: I apologize for the kidnappers.
LYN CASSADY: Not your fault, sir. I mean, we've kidnappers in America and ... there's always ... bad apples.
It is a sad fact of life that I KEEP HAVING TO EXPLAIN THIS BASIC CONCEPT TO PEOPLE and thus I was inordinately glad to hear it from someone else for a change. A character in a movie, even. Honestly, in retrospect I'm sad that it made me so happy. That's irony for you.

Not sure if I should recommend this now or not. You may find it boring. :P


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