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Yesterday evening I was also overcome by a sudden desire to research mobile computing devices. It started out as a simple search for cheap laptops, but then I thought, "Wait a minute. It'll take me ages to save up enough money even for the saddest of these; what if I got a tiny netbook or a tablet computer as a temporary solution?" Ten minutes later I was obsessed with comparing ALL OF THE TABLETS to figure out which features I absolutely needed and which I could do without, and then find the best among the affordable ones that fit the bill. Netbooks turned out to be a dead end, being almost as expensive as the cheapest full-sized laptops.

I very nearly ordered a freaking tablet computer on the spot, though. It would have resulted in forced starvation for the rest of the month, so I'M GLAD I DIDN'T. >_> What saved me was none of my favourites being available in a size larger than 7", combined with one of the best not being released until four days from now. (I could have preordered it, but a) not released yet means no reviews; b) seven inches.) If any of them had been 8", which is probably still quite small, I swear I might have ...

So I closed all those tabs and mourned the loss of a perfectly fine two or three hours. Ahem. But the temptation persists: once I've actually put €100 aside, I'm sure I'll go through the exact same process again. XD

blah bluh glub

Friday, February 17th, 2012 11:31 am
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A recap of things I have learned since my decision to go to that hospital in Hamburg:

- it's where my father used to work
- our old house is directly next to the hospital grounds
- that entire street was in fact reserved for employees at the time
- the ward is not just for women after all
- I'll actually be surrounded by people with similar problems for once
- getting there by train is a lot less expensive than I thought
- it doesn't take as long as I thought, either
- my mother's workplace is only 5 minutes from there by car
- there's a McDonald's nearby
- McDonald's sells cupcakes
- I really want to try some freaking cupcakes

(What?? CUPCAKES. :P Inspired by the realisation that they used to be practically unheard of in Germany until a few years ago and even now they're still tricky to acquire. My research also brought up an actual cupcake bakery in Hamburg, but sadly it's in a completely different area and kind of hard to get to via public transport. Quite close to where I used to attend group therapy, though! And it already existed back then. D: If I had but known ...)

So basically what's happening here is that I'm starting to think of the whole thing as this big adventure - against my own better judgement. Hmmm. The preparations aren't going very well, but at least my MP3 player is ready now. That's a start.
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Once upon a time, I was hanging out on a kink meme, which is generally not something that I do often. It's where I go when I've already read almost all of the fanfiction about a specific pairing and still want more, so basically it only happens if a) the pairing is rare/new or b) I'm going through one of those phases where I spend a lot of time reading fanfic and additionally don't get distracted by any new fandoms for a while.

So I was hanging out on this kink meme, looking for the fluff among the ... kinkiness. I don't mind the occasional bit of vaguely kinky sex in the middle of a fic that also has a proper plot or something, especially since I often skip the sex scenes anyway, but there are many things I have no interest in reading. Except on that day, I actually came across a prompt that involved a kink that I sort of ... have? Which is not a sex thing. Just a "may or may not possibly turn me on" thing. (No. Not telling. :P) And I was already amazed that somebody had even requested this, but then I discovered that the prompt had also been filled!

Obviously I needed to read that fic, although I felt slightly ashamed of it in light of who it was about. To be quite honest, I didn't think it was particularly well-written ... but it wasn't entirely bad, either. Then I had a look at the comments, curious as to other people's reactions. And I found one, anonymous of course, that basically TOLD THIS EXACT STORY. Like, "I normally don't visit kink memes for the kinky bits, I'm only here for the fluff, but wow, this is actually a kink that I'm into and I was so surprised to see this!!" Well, I'm paraphrasing because it's been a while and I feel like I might even be forgetting yet another aspect of the comment that I could relate to, but that was the gist of it.

I WANTED TO COMMUNICATE WITH THIS ANON SO BADLY. And, and. Oh gods. There was just no way. Never mind that it would have been nigh impossible to take the conversation elsewhere without revealing our identities to anyone, the thread was like two years old and the person had probably long forgotten that it existed. Besides, what could we have talked about anyway? "So are you also on the asexual spectrum or do you just really like fluff"?? "How do you feel about being into this"??? I think all I wanted was to have a bit of a ~fistbump~ moment. "Yay, we're not alone. Okay, bye."

On a slightly different note, I wish I could write, because I totally had this whole bag of ideas on how to make that fanfic better. And ... maybe not about the same people. =_=;;; although I must admit that one of them did make an excellent subject for why am I still talking


Tuesday, August 9th, 2011 06:18 pm
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I've got this strange thought stuck in my head, of metaphors for what each of the internet communities I'm a part of are like. I don't even know where the idea came from; suddenly it was just there: Tumblr as an ocean, Dreamwidth as a complex of caves. I wonder what LiveJournal could be - perhaps a city. An old city that used to be amazing once, but has lost its touch.

Hey, all of this makes a lot of sense! Which ... doesn't explain why I'm thinking it in the first place, but I guess I simply like metaphors. :P

If Tumblr is an ocean, then what does that make Twitter? A river? And Facebook, ugh! I can't get a feel for that one at all.

... I might be more insane than usual today. But, creativity! That's always a good thing, right? XD
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Huh. I just saw pictures and a video of Anders in Awakening. o_O This is. What. I am very confused. D: I mean, I expected his face to be different, but not that much and I thought at least the voice would be the same! Now I definitely understand why people were unhappy with the changes. Well. Not understand as in I suddenly like that one better; first impressions and everything. But it must have been jarring. (Also, ugh - getting this weird action hero vibe there.)

Which ... brings me to my next DA2 post, I suppose? I'm so late with all this, but I can't shut up about it. By now I have seven characters (...), though one is still very fresh and I'm not sure if I want to keep her, and number four kind of got abandoned really early on. So technically I finished the game four times (I know!) and have another playthrough going where I'm relatively far along. What's funny is that I still discovered a whole lot of new things during this one - mostly conversations that went differently because I'm finally playing an opportunist rather than various types of nice or at least somewhat ... righteous people, but I also went for rivalry with some characters on purpose, made friends with Isabela for the first time and took Bethany into the Deep Roads with me (!!!). Surprises everywhere!

I'm not done picking out screenshots yet, sorry. But while I'm at it, here are the parts of my offline log that relate to the game ... puns and frustrations )

And then I've got this undated note in which I am amused by the names Merin and Emrys. Missing an L there, Merin?! :P

LOL @ self

Monday, December 27th, 2010 09:30 am
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You know you've spent too much time staring at Colin Morgan lately when you see your child running around with tousled hair, sunglasses on the top of his head and wearing a red hoodie, and the first thing you think of is this:

Colin Morgan in Parked

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My LJ calendar looks like some kind of pixelated spider creature today.

totally pointless picture


Tuesday, November 9th, 2010 03:55 am
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I just spent ... a lot of money. Well, actually very little in relation to how much I got for it, but it was a lot compared to most spontaneous shopping trips of the past. I'm still on a mission to Acquire Enough Clothes, so when I realised that going into town was a possibility today yesterday (wow it's late), I decided to seize the opportunity and made my way to The Store.

(I'd link to the post in which I first joked that I should start calling that store The Store, but for that I'd have to find it first and it's late.)

I left at around 5:30, which meant it was already dark. LOVED THAT. At first the sky was still a beautiful dark blue rather than black, and there were stars and the air smelled of winter and boy, has it been long since I even saw a lit streetlamp. For some reason I just love being outside when it's dark. Unless I happen to be in a forest, I guess.

Items that I bought include three pairs of socks, two pairs of sweatpants, one set of pyjamas, a scarf, another pocketwarmer (I can never resist) and what can only be described as a ... poncho. It's like a wearable blanket! I get cold. (Plus I hear it's impossible to be unhappy in a poncho. Call it precaution? XD)

So that was nice. I saw the sky, I breathed some fresh air and now I have Things.


Friday, November 5th, 2010 10:20 pm
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... I am tempted to leave it at that.

Heh. So. Internets, I know what you speak of now. As of today I am finally familiar with this movie, and I have to say ... despite its popularity, I still hadn't expected to enjoy it that much. Maybe that's just me being overly excitable again, but I don't even care.

I was prepared for an interesting plot and the possibility of very likeable characters. I was not quite prepared to be rendered speechless. And that's although I watched the German dub without subtitles and basically didn't understand a single word that Saito said ...

Also, my poor brain had to work very hard. I estimate that I will have to rewatch it approximately three times to fully understand every scene. XD From now on in English though. With subtitles.

This is not exactly a proper review, is it? But then, my "reviews" never really are.

Funnily enough, I had an inexplicable urge to keep my hands busy before we started watching, so I grabbed one of my dice, which just happened to be red (but 20-sided), and fiddled with it throughout the movie. Those who have seen it will know why I felt mildly creeped out a few minutes in, ahaha. o.O


Tuesday, March 30th, 2010 11:06 am
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I just realised that the icon in front of staff members' names is not some sort of abstract image, but the icons of official communities and normal users combined. D'oh! And it only took me, what, a year?


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