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[I slept on my chair again. Am now a little more awake. Lalala.]

Today in posts that I've been meaning to make for a while but kept forgetting about: WEIRD STARGATE FEELINGS.

Okay, I realise that like ... absolutely nobody who reads this is really a Stargate fan and I have no idea if any of you have even watched SG-1, ever (all I know is that one person has seen Atlantis), but I promise I'm not going to talk about anything specific from the shows, just ... well, my feelings. o.O

The thing is, I've been jumping from one fandom to the next very quickly since I started downloading TV shows, always almost completely abandoning the previous one when I got into something new. Yes, I keep up with the ones that are currently running and sometimes even get quite excited about a new episode, but ... that's it, then. I watch it, I do some incoherent babbling about it, I relive it once more through Tumblr because everyone's posting gifs and screencaps, and then I'm done.

Stargate is different. It feels special to me. I made it through ten seasons in a single month, and if I had a better computer, I probably would have started rewatching episodes already. Being a Stargate fan reminds me of being an X-Files fan, which is very odd because the shows themselves don't have much in common. There's the "we're clearly in love but cannot be together because of our work" Official Canon Couple, I suppose, and maybe grey aliens. I suspect that the humourous aspects are similar as well, but it's been so long since I last watched The X-Files that I can't be sure. (Note to self: I should do something about that.)

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I could go on for a while, but I know: nobody cares. My point is that I feel like I've unexpectedly stumbled upon something magical. I want more of it. I wish I had friends who were only discovering it now as well because then I'd have someone to discuss all the things with that are old news to everyone else. I want to list my favourite pairings to read fanfic about and actually get a response. THIS IS FRUSTRATING.
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I just got back from buying the things that I mentioned. It's not exactly morning anymore, but early enough to not disrupt my plan. Everything appears to be going well so far.

The same can be said for my gluten experiment, by the way. I will remain skeptical until I've been eating the stuff for at least one week, but for now I'm perfectly fine. Again, I cannot believe this is happening. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop ...

What distracted me from going into town earlier was Stargate Atlantis. I finally started watching it a few days ago and appear to be completely addicted already. I knew I was going to like it because I dimly remembered seeing a few episodes on tv once and that I enjoyed those very much, but what I didn't expect was that it would make me feel all nostalgic.

Apparently I hadn't only watched a few episodes back then, and suddenly I remembered exactly when "back then" was, too. I also had no idea that what I'd seen was season 1. Out of the first seven episodes, the very first was the only one that I wasn't entirely sure felt familiar. Then the next one was new to me, the one after that wasn't, and in case of episodes 10 and 11 I was once again not quite sure.

As I watched these vaguely familiar (and seemingly twice as awesome as last time) characters do vaguely familiar things, memories from the group home unexpectedly started to come back to me.

Watching tv with the boys. The illusion of being part of a group. One of them being a total Stargate expert and explaining the entire backstory to us others, when Daniel and I had merely wanted to know what had happened during the episode or part of an episode that we'd missed. Getting more and more excited about the show each week. Being surprised that Daniel was just as excited as I was; K being happy that we liked it at all.

I don't know when the episodes will stop looking familiar; whether we watched the season to the end or not and whether the second even came on while we still lived there. I'm looking forward to discovering things that are new to me, but I'm also enjoying this vague familiarity a lot. I sure love the show on its own as well though - I'm not yet sure why, it just ... seems to be practically made for me, somehow. I love everything about it and all of the characters. ALL OF THEM. Almost equally except that McKay has always been my favourite and now I'm suddenly taking a shine to Sheppard instead. I think it's got something to do with his voice; on German tv it was dubbed and who knows how that influenced my impression of him.



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