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I just changed my layout back to a premade theme because I wasn't getting anywhere with the customisation and got tired of staring at a half-done job all the time. In the process I noticed that a lot of rather nice-looking themes are available by now, which is awesome! I quite like this one, maybe I'll keep it for a while.

While I was at it, though, I also thought I'd use the opportunity to take some screenshots of all the odd little things that used to make picking a Dreamwidth layout so hard for me. I know it's generally easy to change a handful of details here and there if you're not 100% happy with a theme, but I almost exclusively use the premade ones to get through times when I don't feel up to customising anything, so I still wish there were more to choose from that I could use just the way they are.

I only took screenshots of what I consider to be the five worst offenders. Now, if the creators of those themes happen to read this post, please don't take it personally. I understand that individual tastes differ and what looks like a design error to me might have been a deliberate choice on your part (and even if it wasn't, you don't have to agree that it looks bad). Besides, they're still great themes in general. :)

The purpose of this post is mostly to answer the question "But what IS it that makes people dislike DW layouts?!" that I've seen pop up in various places lately. Here's my take.

pictures of 5 things that bug me )

My main pet peeve is actually sidebar headings that look oddly "caged in" by their surrounding borders because there isn't quite enough padding, but I may be the only person who even notices such tiny details.

(For the curious, I was inspired to do this by the latest news post.)


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