Monday, May 28th, 2012 02:19 pm
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Oh man, this just isn't funny anymore. Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with the luck of my family. How can this be coincidence. HOW. I can't ...

Fucking hell. No, she didn't break a leg. She did, however, catch a virus that caused her to spend the weekend in hospital, has obviously not fully recovered yet and tried to call me at my old number to cancel so that I didn't find out about it until just now. D:

I can't handle this.
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Aw, turns out I can't visit my family today, whether I'd have decided to spend the money or not. They've been having some trouble, involving mice behind the kitchen counters and a broken dishwasher among other things, so they're going to be busy doing all kinds of housework for most of the day (such as washing the dishes in the bathtub for some weird reason that I didn't catch). Well, maybe tomorrow.

I've already done quite a number of useful things myself this morning, and with my headstart from yesterday this means that I am actually approaching a point where I'll be able to look around the place without seeing anything that bothers me. Even the living room is getting tidier, which seemed almost impossible for a while because I still have all these things from IKEA lying around that I can't put on the walls by myself. Both my mother and Daniel have offered to help, but ... I'm not really expecting that to happen anytime soon. :|

Maybe it's good that I have to stay home today - I seem to be in the right state of mind for Getting Stuff Done. I also want to watch the new Merlin episode, although I'm not sure if I'll be able to hear much with my cheap headphones. I'll try to use VLC to watch it, which would allow me to turn up the volume past 100%, but it has happened to me several times that VLC refused to play a file to the end no matter what I did. *needs new computer liek nao*

Now I'm off to be useful some more.


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