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So. I figure even if having Daniel essentially shave my head (because 12 mm of hair isn't much) would really turn out to be a spectacularly bad idea, I'd get used to the sight eventually and it wouldn't be permanent anyway, right?

Because, augh. Evidently I still haven't made it to the hairdresser('s?) yet and I'm starting to get very, very, very impatient. Last night I dreamed that I looked into a mirror and my hair was even longer than it actually is, ahaha. I wouldn't call it a nightmare, but it certainly says something about the state of my mind!

And, uh. I have a hat. I could even wear it inside. :D

Effin' hair ...

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 06:05 am
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Urgh, I just looked into a mirror and paid a little more attention to my hair than usual, and what did I notice? Although most of it is chin-length at the moment, my head appears to be surrounded by an odd-looking layer of fluff, consisting of individual hairs that are only 1-5 centimetres long ... because, I assume, they fell out 1-5 months ago and have been regrowing since then. This is getting way too obvious!

Why now why now why now. Ever since I was seven years old, I've been going back and forth between long and short, unable to decide. I'd cut it all off, be happy for a few weeks, forget to get it cut again, consider letting it grow, discover that I was already half way there due to simple inaction, manage to tolerate the longer hair until it reached my shoulders, get twitchy, try to resist the temptation for a while, eventually give in; cut it all off, be happy for a few weeks ... etc., repeat ad nauseam, UNTIL SOMETIME LAST YEAR. When I, in a moment of rare brilliance, had the idea to go for something different for a change. I know, right??

So I decided to wait until it was possible to get a sort of mid-length, or maybe mixed-length cut unlike anything I'd ever had before. I waited and waited and waited. Impatiently. And I was SO CLOSE to getting there. :'(

Now I'll probably have to cut it off again. Blasted nutrition troubles!


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