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(You cannot imagine how much that title amuses me. It relates to the post way more literally than you're probably thinking! :D)

So, one day my mother informed me that she had heard of this healer. Yeah. Needless to say (I hope), my initial reaction was to be skeptical. However, she went on to explain that this was no scam, that the woman had simply noticed her talent one day and has since been using it to help people for free. Well, I thought. If it was free ...

Now, this is not the kind of situation where you can simply make an appointment. It's not her job; it's just something that she does for friends, acquaintances and friends of friends. She probably does have a job, which I assume takes up time. So my mother first had to get to know her a bit, and then she had to introduce us. I think they actually are friends now. *shrugs*

When we were introduced to each other, it was not strictly for this purpose, either. She really just introduced us, at a barbecue that we were both invited to. I have no idea what the next step is supposed to be, though I'm going to ask my mother one of these days.

The only problem is ... I kind of don't like her.

I'm probably being silly here and I thought she was quite alright until it was almost time to leave, but what she said then hit a really sore spot. I was having some trouble breathing at the time because my allergy meds had worn off and asthma spray alone couldn't combat the onslaught of allergens anymore (I was surrounded by dogs), so I said something to that effect. And this woman just went, "I don't believe that." I mean, what the fuck?! I think I asked her why, or at least something prompted her to go on, so she explained that I was obviously happy and enjoying myself.

Uhm. Excuse me, but since when has it been impossible to enjoy anything at all, ever, while you're not feeling well physically?? Am I not allowed to smile, for fear that people will think I am perfectly healthy? Should I stop making jokes and devote this journal entirely to the constant lamentation of my ills, for the sake of credibility?

I don't care that her tone was all friendly and uplifting. In fact, that is exactly what worries me. I am now afraid (I mean literally scared) that when (or if) I get to have my little healing session with her, she will simply attempt to talk me out of my illness. I've had enough of that shit, thank you. Thanks but no thanks. GO AWAY.

And yet, my mother has told me of an actual person who very nearly would have gone blind without her help. Urk. I suppose I'll have to grit my teeth and give her a chance.

(In retrospect, I'm suddenly amused by the amount of lit lanterns that were present at my mother's barbecue. Ahem.)

It's Caturday!

Saturday, July 16th, 2011 07:57 pm
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Wow, I think I just spotted Cat 1 and Cat 2, peacefully hanging out with each other on the other side of the street!

... Er. Welcome to my life, where entertainment consists of observing the social lives of the local cat population.

Seriously though, I've grown attached to these cats. Perhaps it's just because I've never had a chance to actually watch any before, what with my allergies.

There was also a potential contestant for the title of Cat 3 in their company. Stay tuned! ;)
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There was going to be a different post here, but then I decided I was entirely too tired to be allowed to write anything of substance, so I scrapped it.

Instead, I need to link you to this Tumblr post I made earlier. It went on Tumblr because that's where I saw the thing I was reacting to, but it totally deserves to be reposted here.

I call this "I accidentally my body" because I kind of love that meme ok

So basically it looks like I accidentally raised the level of testosterone in my body to the point where it actually had noticeable effects. Seriously, THOSE SKIN PROBLEMS HAVE BEEN PUZZLING THE HELL OUT OF ME. I was all, "Puberty what are you doing, I thought I had escaped this effect of yours the first time around, why have you come back to haunt me, this is not fair ..."

I knew it must have something to do with what I was eating, but I couldn't figure out how. And I cannot believe that it is even possible to achieve this with food alone (okay, plus better sleep and ... more exercise ... oh), but it also seemed kind of suspicious that my menstrual cycle spontaneously lengthened by a week at the exact same time. I was even considering seeing a doctor about it, but otoh I was also quite happy to have another "free" week each month ...

Guise, this is pretty much the most hilarious thing that has ever happened to me. THE IRONY OMG. Because you know what? While I had no internet, I sort of sat here wondering if such a thing was possible, annoyed that I couldn't research it. Just out of curiosity, mind. But curiosity killed the cat yadda yadda; I am not a cat, only the kind of person who at the age of 25 still does spontaneous kitchen experiments that possibly resemble alchemy more than cooking.

... I will be entirely, perfectly unable to resist testing how far this can go.


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