Monday, May 28th, 2012 02:19 pm
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Oh man, this just isn't funny anymore. Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with the luck of my family. How can this be coincidence. HOW. I can't ...

Fucking hell. No, she didn't break a leg. She did, however, catch a virus that caused her to spend the weekend in hospital, has obviously not fully recovered yet and tried to call me at my old number to cancel so that I didn't find out about it until just now. D:

I can't handle this.
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Guess what? I've discovered a whole new way for my insomnia to present itself! As if I needed another one. -_- But then, it's not even entirely useless ... I have to admit that I'm relatively happy with how this week's been going so far, compared to other possible outcomes.

Basically I got out of bed on Monday morning and haven't been in it again since. o.O During the first night I didn't sleep at all, although I dozed off for a short while in the morning (less than an hour), then yesterday an accidental chair nap of epic proportions happened (I'm not sure how long it was exactly, but I wouldn't be surprised if it amounted to almost as much as a full night's sleep) and today was kind of similar, I think, except this time I completely lost track.

So how can that be good? Well. For one thing, I got stuff done. Not much of the kind of stuff that requires thinking or going outside, but stuff like dishes and laundry and occasionally even a bit of cooking. I am also expecting an important phone call, obviously (since the 15th has passed), and I have no idea when that's going to happen. If it takes you until the morning to get tired enough to sleep, but you don't want to risk missing a call, then having the option to nap even on an uncomfortable chair can be quite the relief! At least if you're anything like me. >.<

Sometime today or yesterday I did get a call from A in the middle of a nap and I found talking much easier than if I'd been woken up from deeper sleep. Plus I loved that I could just turn back around and ... I don't know, this is actually quite hard to explain ...

I think the key difference is that I'm not making an effort to sleep as much as possible in one go. So it doesn't matter if I'm hungry or need to pee, I might as well nap for half an hour before I decide whether to do something about it. And then for another if the answer is "no" at the moment. There's also none of the commitment to being awake or asleep that comes with brushing one's teeth and changing in or out of pyjamas, therefore it's perfectly fine if I decide to sleep and then can't - I'll just raise my head back up and continue browsing the internet. Or go to the bathroom. Nothing needs to be done in any particular order, there are no calculations, the time of day is almost irrelevant and I can go directly from napping to doing something useful if I feel like it. Normally I never manage to get anything done during the first hour after waking up.

Of course this is not at all healthy, however, and I'm not planning to continue with it on purpose. Tonight I'll stay awake once again for a number of probably silly reasons, but after 8 am I won't allow myself to nap anymore so that I won't have any trouble falling asleep when I finally go to bed. Which will be early in case I end up sleeping for ages. <_< I wish I had a sofa or at least a more comfortable chair, though ... the discomfort may be part of the reason why this works, but it sure as hell can't be good for my back. Looking forward to getting some true rest tomorrow.
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Huh, I am suddenly extremely ... er, fidgety? That's not a word, is it? But I can't think of the word I originally meant, so it's staying.

Anyway, I feel about as excited as if I were planning to leave tomorrow. Except I'm not even sure it's in any way related to the hospital thing; it just attacked me out of nowhere! "Here, have some random feelings! Like them??" NO.

I guess this is another one of those adrenaline rushes then. The slightly less evil version of a panic attack. I'm just really impatient! About nothing in particular! Somebody, make something happen! Brain, have an idea! People, post more interesting stuff on the internet! Concentration issues, go away so I can actually read the text that's in front of me! IDEK. @___@

Also I'm simultaneously very tired hahaha. WORST. COMBINATION. EVER.

I mean, I was going to make a list of all the things that I need or want to do within the next two weeks, but so far I haven't been able to make myself focus on it for long enough to even start. I can only stare dumbly at Tumblr because I'm too tired for anything else. AND YET.

Okay then.

Thursday, December 8th, 2011 01:05 pm
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As you might have guessed based on my sudden three-day absence, things didn't go so well. Then again, there used to be a time when a suspicious lack of posts from yours truly actually meant that I was feeling better than usual. Hm.

To make a long story short, I couldn't trick my brain into complying with a reasonable sleep schedule no matter what I did and eventually got tired of suffering the consequences of trying. I'm not even properly disappointed, I just wish I hadn't wasted any money on those valerian capsules. :|

For two days I simply went to bed whenever I got tired enough, but today I decided to stay awake a little longer again (since yesterday afternoon). Doing household stuff suddenly seems a whole lot easier, which is just typical. Can't get a thing done while sleeping "normally", but sleep deprivation does the trick. There's some logic for you.

In other news, I've kept in regular contact with Daniel and he appears to be capable of holding himself together while not drunk, which is quite the relief. We've also made plans regarding Timo's Christmas present and he has agreed to spend Christmas with me and my family, so all's pretty cool on that front.

Now for the most exciting part, except I'm kidding: THE FREAKING TRASH CONTAINERS ARE BACK. I only discovered it early this morning, sneaking around in the dark of night again. That was also quite the relief. I remain puzzled as to why they were ever gone in the first place, but I guess I will never find out. XD I'm just glad I can take out my trash whenever I wish again.
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I'm awake I'm awake I'm awake. This is such a relief.

I also think I may have spotted our trash containers back in the parking lot, which ... I'm not even going to comment on how very little sense that would make, buy hey. Once it's bright enough to actually see anything outside, I'll take another look.

I forgot to mention that I invented another way to make an Origami box the other day. Remember when that was sort of my thing? My quest for the perfect paper box?? (I haven't given up on my quest to find the perfect ketchup recipe, either. It's just on hold. XD) All I wanted was the ability to quickly make a simple, relatively stable, square box out of a single sheet of paper, and I thought it wouldn't be that hard to find instructions for one. I was wrong. I disliked the typical result that a search for "square origami box" would get you because it wasn't symmetrical and there were these pointless lose flaps covering the bottom of it. I don't like pointless lose flaps, okay? :P

So I went on to fold box after box, both simple and fancy, sturdy and decorative, square and not square ... until I eventually came up with a design of my own almost my accident. It was definitely a step up from anything I'd done before, but still not perfect. This new one isn't perfect, either ... but I like that it came to me so suddenly and that it's basically an inside-out version of the other one although I wasn't aiming for that and got the idea from a completely different kind of box. Now I've got two versions to choose from depending on what I want to put in them! You know, should I ever actually need a paper box. Which, uhm ... I am sure is going to happen one day. XD

I'd post a picture, but it's still a bit dark for that (though writing this certainly took a while) and I only have a neatly folded example of the one type at the moment. Maybe I'll do some more folding later.

*does not even*

Monday, November 21st, 2011 08:42 pm
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Guys this is hilarious.

No I mean seriously this is the funniest shit ever.

I am not lactose-intolerant.



....... O___O

And I only got it tested for confirmation. To have official proof. I never ever ever even considered the option that I might have drawn the wrong conclusion, aside from this morning when I jokingly suggested it to A (who was driving me) like "Haha, wouldn't it be funny if I got a negative result on this test, too? But nawww, this is a pretty straight-forward matter." LOL RIGHT.

And it still doesn't make any fucking sense. Last year I drank a glass of chocolate milk and five minutes later I was running to the bathroom. Several times, until I made the connection and stopped. These days I drink lactose-free chocolate milk on a regular basis and nothing happens. Okay then! Screw logic! The test says I should be able to drink milk, so I must have imagined all that digestive trouble! o_O

I ... I have to admit I was too shocked to ask the doctor about the validity of my earlier gluten test in light of this. I did mention that I once ate noodles and suffered unpleasant consequences throughout the entire next day, though. He suggested that I try a gastroscopy next. Fucking great, that's just what I've always wanted. :|

I'm honestly starting to feel a little like a really delusional hypochondriac here. Being declared healthy by doctors in spite of experiencing symptoms is something that's been happening to me for all my life, hence why I have reached a point where it seems funny. I mean, funny in a sort of cynical "lol why did I even expect anything else" manner, which is not very funny at all actually. :| I could understand it happening a few isolated times, that's pretty normal, but nearly always?! It's just as common a theme in my life as plans that I am inexplicably optimistic about being thwarted by a completely unforeseeable event. Like suddenly developing fake intolerances, haha hehe blah bluh blub.


Okay I am sorry about talking like this but my head feels fried, apparently being out in the cold without breakfast really screwed me up for the rest of the day. I have literally not done anything useful since I got home because I just couldn't. Ugh.


Saturday, November 19th, 2011 12:25 am
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Ehehe. I said I was going to put my trash into another building's container, but then I went outside and saw a different opportunity present itself to me ...

So, the containers themselves are mobile and made of plastic. However, they are usually inside of this stone-and-metal construction with little doors in it through which you can throw the trash. Right? Now when they moved the plastic containers away, they "locked" those doors with cable ties and attached a note that said where they you could find the containers. They remained locked this entire time.

Until yesterday, apparently? Because when I got outside, I noticed that someone had cut the cable ties. At first I assumed that this meant I'd been worrying for nothing and the containers were finally back, but of course I had no such luck. I opened a door and there was nothing in there.

So what I did was, I decided to pretend that I hadn't noticed the lack of containers inside and simply threw my bags in anyway. =_=;

I hope nobody saw me. This is ridiculous.
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In addition to the bed that won't stop creaking, I've now got another ridiculous problem: disappearing trash containers. Yeah, I have no idea how that can even be a thing. They'd relocated ours to the parking lot behind the building before they started digging up our street to do who knows what down there, but the street has long since been restored and apparently they forgot to put the things back afterwards. Which was all nice and well as long as they remained in the parking lot, but then they started disappearing. I mean, WTF.

And it's not like it happened all at once or anything. I remember that a few weeks ago, I briefly wondered where the blue container for paper had gone, but didn't give it much thought because I didn't have any paper with me at the time. Then the rest went missing as well, one after the other. Now they're all gone. I've already had to throw my waste into the neighbouring building's containers twice because I was caught off guard by the absence of one of ours. Which made me feel terrible and like I was committing a crime. >_< By now, with none left, I just don't take out the trash anymore. Obviously that cannot go on for much longer.

I don't know what to do about this and I don't understand how it could even happen. I mean, it's been weeks. How many people/families live in my building, about 30 perhaps? What are the chances of nobody having complained yet?! Where are all those other people putting their trash?? I'd ask my next-door neighbours if only they spoke fluent German. The third flat on this floor is currently empty and I don't have the courage to ring a random bell upstairs where I've got no idea who lives there. Sorry, but no. Who knows what kind of person might open that door.

Of course, I suppose I could always ... be the one to do the complaining? But I still can't believe nobody has done that yet! WTF WTF WTF. I'm not even sure which number to call in case of something like this, seeing as it's a rather UNIQUE SITUATION. Augh. Sadly we don't have anything like a caretaker who lives right here, or else they probably would have noticed what was wrong on their own.

And the pathetic part is, I keep thinking that maybe I'm just missing something. Maybe there's a sign that I didn't see, maybe everyone else knows where the containers went. Which is a COMPLETELY IDIOTIC thing to think because there is no freaking reason for them to be anywhere but in their rightful place anymore. The street has been repaired.

I think tonight I'll dump a few more bags into another building's container - at least if I do it in the dark, nobody will see me ...

By the way, the bottle bank that used to be across the street hasn't been brought back, either. >_<


Sunday, October 2nd, 2011 11:17 am
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Uh. Did I mention my hairdryer here? The one that I bought a few weeks ago because I figured I could use one, and which then stopped working while I was trying it out? I just turned it on once again to see if it was truly broken, and then ... it kind of went up in flames. O_O Fortunately it stopped burning almost immediately after I quickly turned it off, so nothing really happened. I seem to have accidentally thrown away the receipt though, which is rather annoying. It was cheap, but I'm somewhat less inclined to pay for another one now, and besides there are things I need more urgently, so I fear I will end up just not having a hairdryer. Although I bought one. Which is decidedly unfair. *pouts*

... Seriously though, it went up in flames. WHY.
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Five and a half weeks, yo. Will I ever get out of there?! For the time being I'm only back for the weekend, as usual, although it's been discussed that I should start going home more often in the near future. From what I gathered, I'll be asked to keep a mood journal during those times then, but I don't quite see how that's supposed to help. What, are they hoping to chance upon a diagnosis that way? From information such as "I'm happy because I just talked to my friend" or "I'm worried that I might miss the train"?? Half the time I don't even know where my mood changes come from, so there will likely be a lot of "SUDDEN GIDDINESS LOL", too.

Speaking of which. I was kinda-sorta depressed for a couple of days at the start of the week, unable to talk myself into doing things other than reading or sleeping. Then on Wednesday that suddenly changed - from one moment to the next I was extraordinarily happy, the only explanation I could think of being that I'd been able to concentrate even on complicated matters pretty well for several hours, which only brings up the question where that came from. Honestly, sometimes I'm as much of a mystery to myself as to the doctors.

Today I am very tired because my sleep was disturbed quite spectacularly; late at night a doctor and a nurse suddenly came in to tell us that they were very sorry but a third patient would have to spend the night in our room, and said patient turned out to be ... well, how do I put this? She didn't seem to know what she was doing; for the first few hours she frequently jumped out of bed just to leave the room and immediately come back in, left the door wide open and lay back down as if nothing had happened. Once she went to the toilet without closing that door, sometimes she turned on the light ... I have no idea how much I slept in the end, but it certainly can't have been enough.

I'm still thinking pretty clearly though, considering the circumstances. I hope that will help me get everything important done before I collapse into bed tonight.
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Well hello, I am back for the weekend once again, you all know the deal by now. In other news, my day so far:

- eat a quick breakfast
- finish packing
- get on bus
- wait half an hour in place I can't stand
- get on train
- finally arrive home
- turn on washing machine and let dishes soak
- go shopping for some cheap clothes
- return home
- clean dishes
- put up laundry to dry
- make lunch
- look up bus schedule
- eat lunch VERY QUICKLY
- run to bus stop
- take bus to town where mother & siblings live
- watch youngest sister play the fanfare in marching band
- spontaneously accompany mum and other sister to someone's wedding*
- return to their home with them
- spend an hour talking to them in their garden
- be driven to train station by mum
- take train back home
- turn on washing machine a second time
- warm up leftovers from lunch and eat


Next up is food shopping - in combination with a walk, perhaps even some running or inline-skating? I don't think you're allowed to enter supermarkets with skates on, so maybe not that. Definitely a walk though, and lately I have taken to spontaneously breaking into a run during those. Don't even ask.

Afterwards the washing machine should be done again, so there'll be yet more to do ...

Basically I've been hyperactive for three or four days, and apparently this is what happens when you unleash me upon a weekend in that state. My brain is still trying to catch up with what I was doing six hours ago. Okay then. I'll tell you more later ... or tomorrow, if I don't get a chance before either the meds or the physical exertion make me too tired. Heh.

*Or is it only a wedding when the church is involved? Do you say they eloped? Either way it was a surprisingly interesting experience.

What in the ...

Thursday, July 21st, 2011 11:09 pm
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I just had the strangest dream. In it, I was talking to some random people (although I think my mother was also there, off to the side somewhere) and spontaneously decided to reveal my gender issues to them for some reason, except that it was hard to do because I had no idea how to say certain things in German. So I asked if anyone knew the translation of "dysphoria" (completely out of the blue, as if it were just some random word I had come across), but this one guy got all excited and simply started talking to me about it in a mix of both languages, and then suddenly he was actually my new therapist and I was in his office, filling out forms and stuff.

Fast-forward and a few months later said therapist was also my boyfriend - LOL, how very unprofessional of him - and for some reason I was getting hormone treatment as if I actually identified as male, which makes no sense because I don't, but in the dream I was all for it and had just reached a point where the first really obvious changes were starting to happen. So this very unprofessional therapist suddenly wanted to break up with me because he was only attracted to women, and I was like "WTF YOU ASS YOU KNEW THIS WAS GOING TO HAPPEN" and a huge argument ensued.

Turns out he'd thought he was bisexual but apparently he'd been wrong. Then all of a sudden I was sitting in front of a computer, sending him images of the most attractive men I could think of in some weird attempt to prove that he might be a little bit bisexual after all. Which really doesn't make any sense but okay. XD

Can you tell what's been, like, on my mind a bit lately??
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There was going to be a different post here, but then I decided I was entirely too tired to be allowed to write anything of substance, so I scrapped it.

Instead, I need to link you to this Tumblr post I made earlier. It went on Tumblr because that's where I saw the thing I was reacting to, but it totally deserves to be reposted here.

I call this "I accidentally my body" because I kind of love that meme ok

So basically it looks like I accidentally raised the level of testosterone in my body to the point where it actually had noticeable effects. Seriously, THOSE SKIN PROBLEMS HAVE BEEN PUZZLING THE HELL OUT OF ME. I was all, "Puberty what are you doing, I thought I had escaped this effect of yours the first time around, why have you come back to haunt me, this is not fair ..."

I knew it must have something to do with what I was eating, but I couldn't figure out how. And I cannot believe that it is even possible to achieve this with food alone (okay, plus better sleep and ... more exercise ... oh), but it also seemed kind of suspicious that my menstrual cycle spontaneously lengthened by a week at the exact same time. I was even considering seeing a doctor about it, but otoh I was also quite happy to have another "free" week each month ...

Guise, this is pretty much the most hilarious thing that has ever happened to me. THE IRONY OMG. Because you know what? While I had no internet, I sort of sat here wondering if such a thing was possible, annoyed that I couldn't research it. Just out of curiosity, mind. But curiosity killed the cat yadda yadda; I am not a cat, only the kind of person who at the age of 25 still does spontaneous kitchen experiments that possibly resemble alchemy more than cooking.

... I will be entirely, perfectly unable to resist testing how far this can go.
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On the whole, my first week alone was amazing. The floor in the hall wasn't done yet, there was no light in the kitchen and all I had to cook with was a single pot, but it was great. Thanks to a number of factors such as less allergens in the air, a better mattress and practically no stress whatsoever (to only name a few), I slept better and had much more energy. I could concentrate better and going outside was suddenly not a problem anymore. Showering was easy. I never got bored. BASICALLY IT WAS AWESOME OKAY. :D

My wrists became terribly dry because I wasn't used to doing the dishes by hand and my feet hurt because I wasn't used to not wearing shoes inside, but eventually I adapted. I visited Timo every single day and probably played with him more than when we were still living together. I enjoyed being able to do whatever I wanted whenever I felt like it, and not having to worry about things being Potentially Dirty because I knew what was clean and what wasn't. Since I didn't have much money left after buying a vacuum cleaner and such, I even discovered that €15 could get me through an entire week if I was careful.

Then I suddenly couldn't eat wheat anymore.


Yeah. I actually laughed, you know. I don't know why, but my first reaction was this kind of hysterical amusement. Of course that would happen right after I'd finally managed to get the hang of living with lactose intolerance. Of course that would happen while I was basically broke and thought I'd figured out how to survive on €15 a week. WHEN ELSE. GOODBYE, CHEAP BREAD.

While I was still unsure what was going on, there was a day on which I cried for hours and hours, mostly due to the debilitating stomach cramps but also because I was scared. And possibly mourning noodles, while fervently hoping it was something else. It wasn't. When I finally stopped eating anything of the kind, my stomach felt better immediately and the rest of my body within two or three days. That could hardly be a coincidence.

I have since been tested for Celiac Disease (gluten intolerance), but either that's not it or the doctor made a mistake. Like, I don't know, maybe forgetting to tell me that I still needed to be eating the stuff for it to work. I have yet to ask him, since my next appointment is not until two weeks from now because I thought I'd also have my lactose intolerance officially confirmed while I was at it, and something went wrong with that test. >_<

Scraping the money together that I suddenly needed to feed myself for the rest of the month wasn't easy, but fortunately I had help. I also ate a lot of rice, and I was extremely grateful for all the positive effects from moving out that I still felt. Without them I would have been screwed.

(Ironic icon choice is ironic.)
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M to Daniel: [The woman who fills in for A while she's on vacation] said that she'll buy carpeting with [[personal profile] faevii] later and we're supposed to measure the floors for them.
Daniel: Yeah. I know. We can do that. I'm just not sure if she'll be able to actually go, though.
M (laughing): What? Of course she can, it has to be bought.
Me: Oh right, because whenever something has to be done, you're always automatically capable of doing it.

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... when you get an email that your request to join a community has been confirmed and you have no idea when the fuck you are supposed to have requested such a thing.

(And then you remember that you clicked on a link by accident yesterday, but you thought nothing had happened because normally two clicks are required to join a community.)

I am sorry for having brought the awkward moment meme over here.


Sunday, January 2nd, 2011 08:00 pm
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Oh dear oh dear oh dear, it seems that Daniel has landed us in financial trouble once again and this time it's kind of serious. I mean, not really serious, but there's a high probability that our telephone and internet connection will be turned off in the very near future and I can't think of any way to prevent it.

The problem is that he spent too much time talking to his father on the phone, landline to mobile. This resulted in a quite, uh, spectacular bill. And I thought we at least had a while left to pay it, but I just found out that apparently we've already failed to pay on time three times or so* and now we've been given FIVE DAYS. Five days that ... are already over, actually, so I don't even know why I can still tell you this. Chances are the line will go dead sometime tomorrow morning.

It's an amount that we could probably scrape together within a month if we really put our minds to it, but unfortunately there are other things that need to be paid off as well and on top of it Daniel happens to owe a friend money at the moment. @___@

I'm trying to come up with combinations of extremely cheap foods that still contain all the major nutrients and are also lactose-free. Riiight. SUGGESTIONS, ANYONE??

Staples one could make use of include rice, pasta and lentils. Potatoes are more expensive than those, I believe. What to get protein from if it's rice or pasta time, though? Eggs? The one type of cheese I can eat? Beans? Need to investigate which of those is the cheapest option and can therefore be eaten most often. And what to get fat from on lentil days? More cheese? Or can vegetable oil be enough? GAH.

I suspect there are actually some canned meals available that are cheaper than anything you could make on your own, but of course I can only eat about two of those.

Also, I guess this means I'll continue to wear sneakers in the snow. :|

*I just haven't been in any condition to keep up with these things lately, plus some of it is normally handled by Daniel's legal guardian and therefore invisible to me. Too bad even he can't pull money out of nowhere.


Thursday, December 23rd, 2010 05:40 pm
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They say the package ended up at the wrong post office.

How ... this town only has ..... never mind.

If I don't get that book before Christmas, I'll ... I will ... pout. A lot.

Epic Quest?

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010 02:38 pm
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A few days ago I discovered that if I spend too much time staring at pictures of men, I get depressed. :|

Now that we've got this random fact out of the way, let me tell you about last night. Because it was evil. EVIL I TELL YA. Well, it started out evil and turned out alright, so at least there was a happy ending of sorts. The start though. D:

I'd offered to do some late grocery shopping because I wanted to get out and figured I could use the opportunity to also collect my copy of Nameless from the post office.

You see, that book has had some serious trouble getting to me. First it apparently arrived while nobody was home - or Daniel wasn't and I was asleep - as indicated by the notice in our mailbox. So Daniel tried to collect it, but they said it wasn't there at the time. How does that even make sense?? Where was it, on vacation? We thought maybe they were trying to deliver it a second time, but nothing came. Hence why I tried to pick it up yesterday. It was late when I left, but the notice specifically said that the office was open until 10 pm, which I was mildly skeptical of but eventually accepted as the truth because it's in the same building as a supermarket that's also open until 10 pm.

The first thing that went wrong was that my MP3 player refused to behave. Perhaps my fingers were too cold for the stupid touchscreen-like buttons, IDK. And as I found out then, my filenames were also too long to be displayed so that I basically had to guess which song was which. MP3 player, Y U NO display ID3 tags instead?! When I finally got it to work, I noticed that I couldn't breathe. Yay for cold-induced asthma attacks! That's new. I had my inhaler with me, but it still sucked.

Inside the first store, I experienced some spontaneous nausea. IDEK. Then I discovered that Daniel had been wrong when he'd assured me that everything on the shopping list would fit into our little grandma-style shopping trolley, only I didn't discover it until it was already too late to get a plastic bag, so I had to stuff two items into my tiny messenger bag that were decidedly too big for it.

In the next store I did buy a plastic bag, but of course it ended up being so heavy that I was seriously worried I wouldn't make it home. Then I went to the post office, which I had saved for last because I thought it was open until 10 pm, and guess what? It had just closed. Two hours earlier than expected, and I was told that it always closed at this time. Double-check what your notices are saying, yo. >:( If I can't get my hands on that package soon, it'll end up being sent back!!

Evidently I did make it home, but it certainly wasn't easy. My arms and my back started to hurt like hell when I wasn't even halfway there, I was sweating despite the cold and the nausea came back, too. At one point I nearly had a heart attack because I slipped and almost fell.

When I was finally back inside, I barely managed to change into something comfortable and go to the bathroom before I collapsed on Daniel's stupid armchair and refused to move a muscle for quite some time. I was so exhausted and in so much pain that I just sat there crying for ten solid minutes. Poor Timo found this rather confusing.

With the help of an aspirin and some chocolate, I finally managed to stop and went online to distract myself. Fortunately it worked quite well, too. I had a surprising amount of fun for two or three hours and went to bed feeling as good as was possible under the circumstances. Today I'm still a bit knackered, but it's bearable.

Now if only my dear roommate (hurr hurr) weren't being such an ass. I got so angry with him earlier that I may have sort of yelled at him to stop acting as if we were friends ...


Sunday, December 12th, 2010 06:31 am
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You know, this night is just ... I don't have words for what this night is.

Things were already pretty weird yesterday evening. I'd gone to bed in the morning, so I got up around 6 pm. The first oddity I noticed was my unusually strong thirst. Later it was joined by unusually strong hunger, unusually strong tiredness and incessant yawning. Yeah, incessant yawning. It was like my body had spontaneously decided that it wanted more of everything - more food, more water, more air, more sleep ...

Six hours after getting up, I went back to bed. Promptly fell asleep, too. If only the phone hadn't rang at 2 am! Daniel got to it pretty fast, but it was too late: the sound had already woken Timo. As he tried to get him to go back to sleep, Daniel himself fell asleep in Timo's bed and thus I spent another hour lying there with the door open because he'd forgotten to close it, light coming in from the hall. Somehow I briefly fell asleep again regardless, dreaming that Angel Coulby was sending me baked goods for my breakfast every morning. I. Just. I don't even.

The next time I woke up, it was due to noise from outside. Daniel's brother had accidentally locked his mother out and she was now alternately pounding on the door, pounding on the window, shouting and ringing the doorbell. Which naturally caused their dog to bark. I got up then, trying to be absolutely quiet so as to not further increase the likelihood of Timo being woken yet again.

Some time later, Daniel's mother poked her head inside to see if any of us were awake, and asked if she could come in for a while. I could hardly say no to that. Now she's sleeping on our sofa.

Daniel and Timo were up as well at some point, but Timo miraculously fell asleep again and Daniel retreated to the bedroom once he realised that he had no idea what to do while I was at the computer, the sofa was occupied and he had to be quiet. I hope he'll manage to get some more sleep.

And now? I've started bloody yawning again. :S


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