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Examples of things that my brain seems to find mysteriously difficult, as described in the previous post:
  • watching videos of any kind (including movies) more than once
  • deliberately* rereading fanfics that I bookmarked
  • reading original fiction on the internet or downloaded ebooks
  • watching downloaded YouTube videos immediately after the download has finished
  • taking the time to check whether a video is worth watching instead of going "oh a video; ignore"
  • seeking out, reading, comprehending and memorising new information about my interests
  • cooking meals that are anything but improvised and minimalistic
  • remembering on which days a comic updates and looking forward to those days**
  • remembering when anything's going to happen, really, and looking forward to that time***
  • oh you know what, just being aware of what day it is and what that means in general
  • listening to music (although it has to be said that my current lack of equipment does make this harder)
  • when I feel an urge to play the keyboard, actually do so
And all this is completely irrespective of my level of interest and (however fleeting) enthusiasm. :S

*as opposed to accidentally stumbling upon them again
**instead I just subscribe via RSS and check Google Reader sporadically
***IDEK, I basically assume that due to the nature of the internet, sooner or later the news will reach me anyway?
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[personal profile] kelachrome 2011-11-10 05:18 pm (UTC)(link)
1) I find watching audiovisual stuff takes more focus than I have, a lot of the time. Except that most of it doesn't - just the shows I like. :P Lately I've been picking up shows I don't actually have to pay much attention to, because I've found that having a simple narrative in the background sort of pulls me along when I'm working on other things. Otherwise, time seems to...sort of flatten out? I don't know how to explain it.
2) Did you know you can subscribe to RSS feeds using dreamwidth? They show up as entries. And you can add a feed if it's not already listed. It's pretty useful for shorter things, like webcomics - I still use google reader for news and other things I don't want to read all of, or online fiction (like Shadow Unit and Require: Cookie) that are long and I might not have time for when I'm checking my reading page. But for webcomics, it's perfect.