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I had another strange experience yesterday. Er, that is, *checks the time* two days ago now. You know, of the "where do I know the name Anders from" kind, if anybody remembers that? (Do I have a tag for it?? Haha would be good if I knew that, huh?) ... Okay, I just went looking for that post, but only found the last time I mentioned not being able to find it. LOL. That one's relevant as well, though. Seeing as this is about Loki yet again. e_e

I've been reading this excellent fanfiction series centered around him for several days now (and I've almost reached the end *cries*). The last part I read was kind of a humorous interlude in which he basically just ... played a benevolent prank on someone for the lulz. And the strange thing is that at some point I caught myself thinking, "Aww, man, I miss this side of him so much." In reaction to which my next conscious thought was, "Wait, what?? Miss this?! From when?? From WHAT???" o_O I still have no idea. I mean, obviously I've read other fanfics that featured scenarios like that one, but those weren't what I meant! At all!

I briefly considered that I might have been thinking of a different, similar character, but I then I went through my mental inventory of every character I've ever loved and none of them fit the profile.

What the fuck is happening here?! It was creepy enough the first two times, and this is more than just déjà vu. I know what that feels like and this is not it. This is a sense of having lost something important. Something from a long time ago. Its absence makes my heart hurt. I don't understand. :S

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