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This journal is ...

... now a little more private than it used to. I lock a lot of posts.
... sadly not very active anymore! Whoops.
... mostly personal, but I do mention my fandoms and occasionally even have an Opinion.

Hello there, I'm Lin. :) I don't bite, feel free to say hello.

Things you might want to know before deciding whether to add me:

- I talk about myself. A lot. I have feelings and everything!
- Because both my gender and my sexual orientation are still somewhat unclear to me, I occasionally ramble about them.
- I read fanfic and unsuccessfully attempt to write it, too. Mostly slash, so if that bothers you ... there's the door.
- I like video games, mostly JRPGs. (But I didn't get into them until I was already 20, so I have no childhood memories attached to FF7 or anything.)
- I am currently unable to work or do much else due to a variety of both physical and mental afflictions, so I have lots of time on my hands.
- I have a five-year-old son. I cannot care for him anymore due to my health problems, so now he's in foster care. Again, if that bothers you ...
- I'm a very odd person. No, really. I feel compelled to warn you. :P
- I am really, really bad at keeping my entries short.

Things you might want to know if you do plan on adding me, to understand better:

- I have three younger siblings. Well, half-siblings. A lot younger.
- They live with my mother, who is the Queen of Bad Luck. (Sometimes I suspect that my grandma was actually an evil witch and cursed her.)
- They have a dog. I'm allergic to dogs. :|
- Let's not speak of fathers.
- I live in a very small town, the kind where most people seem to know each other.

People I mention sometimes:

Timo: my little boy.

Daniel: Timo's father. Lives around the corner.

A: a social worker who stops by once or twice a week to help me get my life back in order.

Mrs D: my legal guardian/custodian/whatever. Because I sometimes can't do stuff by myself.

Merle, or M: the older one of my two sisters. 17.

Leon, or L: my brother. 15.

Elisa, or E: my other sister. 14.

H, S and C: people I recently met in a mental institution (which I usually refer to as "the hospital"), whom I had started to think of as friends but sadly appear to be on the brink of losing contact with.


It all started with The X-Files, and currently I have arrived at an almost worrying obsession with Tom Hiddleston and his character Loki, as well as being embarrassingly into Teen Wolf. Many, many things came inbetween; I do believe I've put most of them in my interests on here. Steven Brust's Vlad Taltos series deserves an honourable mention because while I'm not very "fannish" about it (... often), it's my favourite book series in the world and will probably always be that.

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