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Lin ([personal profile] faevii) wrote2013-04-28 08:50 am

Actual Email Update

I only realised a few days ago that I announced I was back and then stopped posting for weeks. Sorry about that. The reason, as those who follow me on Tumblr should know and most who follow me on Twitter will have figured out as well, is that I was only home for three and a half days.

On Friday I came back, on Saturday I had a panic attack, on Sunday I hurt myself again and Monday morning I decided that allowing me to leave had practically been criminal negligence.

I then spent what was left of the morning and part of the afternoon trying to reach anyone who might help me figure out what to do next, only got A's holiday/sickness replacement again and eventually ended up in the /other/ hospital. You know, where I last was in 2011. [{(Tommy.)]}

I'm still there now, hence the email-posting. Will make another entry later, about how it's going.