Monday, February 20th, 2012 05:24 pm
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Today I finally used my "purple" hairdye and discovered that it was actually red. Whoops?! But I don't really mind because it's just cool to have a colourful strand in my fringe at all. I've never had anything like it before! Not even "standard" highlights. They always seemed so expensive, which was probably true until relatively recently. Now I'm quite excited about getting an opportunity to introduce myself to new people with a haircut that I like and some colour in it. I'm so used to my appearance not reflecting my personality or taste in the slightest that this is really awesome. :)

Oh yeah, and I did make up my mind on how to style it eventually, although I believe it took over a week. Heh. I'm just going to take the exact pictures that I posted on Tumblr and put them under a cut because I'm not in the mood to edit them further, if only to shrink them a bit ...

one without the colour, one from today )

Believe me, the red looks completely different IRL. In the picture it seems almost painted on, but in fact the whole area that I chose to dye got thoroughly soaked so that it's lighter than the rest all the way through. It's much lighter than it looks here in general. Sometimes I walk past a mirror and think it's pink! XD I'm also very happy with the placement, which I'd been worried I'd mess up because I'd never done this before.

Mind you, I am a little disappointed that it's not purple. :( Red is not a colour that I would have chosen on purpose and although purple wouldn't have been my first choice, either (if blue or dark magenta had been available), at least it would have meant something to me because I associate it with lots of cool things like the asexuality flag and such. Red is just ... red. Meh.

Also, I wonder what kind of impression this will result in when combined with some of my super boring clothes, LOL. Not that I care what people will think, I just wish I had more than a few items that I actually like. Nevertheless, a step forward has been taken! :D


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