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Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011 11:39 am
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Wow, have I been productive this morning. I painted a large part of the living room, put my new vacuum cleaner together and used it for the first time, mopped the kitchen floor and carried the Temporarily Repurposed Bookshelf to where it'll spend the next few months. Which was hard, I might add. It not only turned out to be heavier than it looked, but also wasn't stable enough to be carried sideways, so I had to awkwardly hold it in front of me and couldn't see anything. I'm surprised I didn't injure myself somehow, though I did nearly crush the vacuum cleaner under the thing.

Then I had to go to the store around the corner with paint all over me (including my hair) and buy food while hungry. Ahh ... life.

Unrelatedly, I have been searching for clean tote bags to use for taking some of my stuff with me whenever I go over there and discovered that we appear to have a neverending supply of ones with the name of our town on them. I do not know where they came from. In fact, I wouldn't even know where to get one now if we didn't have so many already. It's a mystery! Maybe they multiply while we're not looking. I just threw several of the things into the washing machine and thought I'd got them all, only to stumble upon another less than two minutes later. XD

Random title is random.
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I'm back from the appointment with the psychiatrist. Phew. I'm glad that's finally over and done with, especially since I had so much trouble sleeping last night that I'm amazed I even made it out of bed.

He seemed nice, but mostly recommended that I see a pain specialist and find a therapist before we get on with the diagnosing business. He also told me that fibromyalgia is apparently no longer officially recognised as a condition. Uh. Well, I don't really care anymore; it has never been more than a name for a bundle of symptoms anyway. If they want to call that something else now or treat each symptom individually, so be it. Whatever.

I was prescribed Cymbalta, which could be great news. I know it's done wonders for many people with chronic pain. However, it's still an antidepressant and that means I remain skeptical. I wouldn't be particularly surprised if I ended up with really strange side effects again.

If I start to ramble nonsense two weeks from now, NO WORRIES: IT'S THE DRUGS. -.-


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