Monday, February 20th, 2012 05:24 pm
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Today I finally used my "purple" hairdye and discovered that it was actually red. Whoops?! But I don't really mind because it's just cool to have a colourful strand in my fringe at all. I've never had anything like it before! Not even "standard" highlights. They always seemed so expensive, which was probably true until relatively recently. Now I'm quite excited about getting an opportunity to introduce myself to new people with a haircut that I like and some colour in it. I'm so used to my appearance not reflecting my personality or taste in the slightest that this is really awesome. :)

Oh yeah, and I did make up my mind on how to style it eventually, although I believe it took over a week. Heh. I'm just going to take the exact pictures that I posted on Tumblr and put them under a cut because I'm not in the mood to edit them further, if only to shrink them a bit ...

one without the colour, one from today )

Believe me, the red looks completely different IRL. In the picture it seems almost painted on, but in fact the whole area that I chose to dye got thoroughly soaked so that it's lighter than the rest all the way through. It's much lighter than it looks here in general. Sometimes I walk past a mirror and think it's pink! XD I'm also very happy with the placement, which I'd been worried I'd mess up because I'd never done this before.

Mind you, I am a little disappointed that it's not purple. :( Red is not a colour that I would have chosen on purpose and although purple wouldn't have been my first choice, either (if blue or dark magenta had been available), at least it would have meant something to me because I associate it with lots of cool things like the asexuality flag and such. Red is just ... red. Meh.

Also, I wonder what kind of impression this will result in when combined with some of my super boring clothes, LOL. Not that I care what people will think, I just wish I had more than a few items that I actually like. Nevertheless, a step forward has been taken! :D
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At the very least, my list of what needs to be done before I leave is taking shape. It'd be better if I could already have started working on it, but ... it's something.

I can't even reorganise my MP3 player yet because I don't have much music on this computer. I'm waiting for a call from A, who will hopefully drive me to the next bigger town again sometime this week, and then I'll buy a bunch of things including towels and an external harddrive. Possibly even a mouse because this one's driving me crazy ... well, crazier. Once I've got the harddrive, I'll take it over to Daniel's and FINALLY GET MY OLD FILES BACK. Wow. Then I'll spend a few hours agonising over which music to pick, heh. ;)

Come to think of it, there is one thing that I have already done - I bought some cheap underpants while I was grocery shopping on Saturday, since you can never have too many of those. Especially if you're planning to be away from home. Somehow I also feel like I could use more socks, which is a little weird seeing as I believe none of the ones I acquired during the summer have fallen apart yet. Oh well. You can't really have too many socks, either.

It's kind of funny how I'm still worrying about the same things as last time. Not even my headphone situation is ideal now: I'm going to feel stupid sitting around wearing a headset, though that certainly won't keep me from packing the thing, and when I'm outside ... well. I could use the earphones that I bought during my last hospital stay, but they're not exactly in top condition anymore. Maybe I'll find cheap but slightly better ones at the same store where I'll be looking for a harddrive. :S

As for non-underwear clothes? I'm trying not to think about it ...

Stopping By #3

Saturday, September 10th, 2011 12:41 pm
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I'm home for the weekend again. Meanwhile the weather has spontaneously decided that it is now autumn, which I strongly disapprove of because I don't have enough warm clothes yet. Yikes. I really could have used a little warning. Also, I've been losing weight for unknown reasons and neither know if that's still happening nor if my medication will reverse the process, so basically if I buy any clothes now, there's a chance that only two weeks later they might be either too big or too small. How am I supposed to handle this, keep freezing until I see an obvious trend?!

Well. If there's anything you can count on, it's that I will always worry about clothes for one reason or another. XD

Last week I forgot to mention that I had downloaded the new Red Hot Chili Peppers album, I'm With You, and that I like it more than I expected I would. I'm definitely going to buy the physical CD sooner or later, but right now I'm not entirely sure how much money I do or do not have because Mrs D has hopefully been paying some things in my stead. Now I'm trying to get my hands on a download of the new Kasabian album as well, but I'm sad that I won't be able to listen to it "properly" because my current headphones aren't very good. :(

Unless ... I was planning to visit Daniel tomorrow, in part to use his stereo to listen to my favourites from I'm With You out loud for a change (and to see what he thinks of them). He doesn't like Kasabian much, but maaaybe ... if I ask nicely ...? It can't be much longer than half an hour, right?

Apparently when I don't have the option to watch tv shows, my entire life starts to revolve around music. ;)


Tuesday, November 9th, 2010 03:55 am
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I just spent ... a lot of money. Well, actually very little in relation to how much I got for it, but it was a lot compared to most spontaneous shopping trips of the past. I'm still on a mission to Acquire Enough Clothes, so when I realised that going into town was a possibility today yesterday (wow it's late), I decided to seize the opportunity and made my way to The Store.

(I'd link to the post in which I first joked that I should start calling that store The Store, but for that I'd have to find it first and it's late.)

I left at around 5:30, which meant it was already dark. LOVED THAT. At first the sky was still a beautiful dark blue rather than black, and there were stars and the air smelled of winter and boy, has it been long since I even saw a lit streetlamp. For some reason I just love being outside when it's dark. Unless I happen to be in a forest, I guess.

Items that I bought include three pairs of socks, two pairs of sweatpants, one set of pyjamas, a scarf, another pocketwarmer (I can never resist) and what can only be described as a ... poncho. It's like a wearable blanket! I get cold. (Plus I hear it's impossible to be unhappy in a poncho. Call it precaution? XD)

So that was nice. I saw the sky, I breathed some fresh air and now I have Things.


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