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- Shopping for towels and a harddrive and such will be done tomorrow, hopefully, aided by lots of tea because I completely forgot about this and slept in the middle of the day, so now I'll have to stay up all night and just ... pretend to still be awake in the morning.

- Clothes I have bought so far now also include a bra, three pairs of socks and a third set of season-appropriate pyjamas. That's the basics out of the way, I guess. If I run out of money or can't find anything else, at least the situation will only be mildly embarrassing.

- My membership of [livejournal.com profile] danielpix was never approved; I guess the second moderator isn't actively moderating it anymore. However, I contacted the person next in line after myself and they took over for me, which ... was very nice of them, but now I feel terribly awkward about all this and am kind of avoiding the community for no good reason. Er. It'll pass.

- I've been making an effort to eat as many iron-rich foods as possible while drinking lots of orange juice for vitamin C, and of course I have no idea if it's working, but I do feel less tired from time to time and that's great even if it might be a placebo effect or coincidence. Note that I said "from time to time", though. It's so far from optimal that yesterday I ended up with literally not a single clean plate left and almost no cutlery. >_<;

- In a surprise turn of events, I not only managed to get up to date with Sinfest and found the place in Sam's journal where I'd left off (from which point on I am now slowly catching up), I also read a few of Patrick Rothfuss's older posts and then decided to just stick with the new ones.

(While I was at it, I promptly started going through all of my RSS subscriptions to throw out anything that had the potential to feel more like work than fun, unsubscribed from several long-since finished comics, some dead blogs and a couple of duplicates, found the new feed of something that I'd never realised had stopped updating, and finally marked the rest as read after having a short look at the titles. I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER NOW. You probably can't imagine it if you don't use a feed reader or keep yours very organised, but I'm so glad that no matter when I check it now, I can be certain that every new item will actually be of interest to me. And not in a "I wish I could look at this but I'm not up to date yet" way, either. "50 unread items" actually means "50 unread items" again instead of "There might be about 5 items to read here if you're lucky." Except it's unlikely to ever get to 50 in the first place.)
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Once upon a time, I was hanging out on a kink meme, which is generally not something that I do often. It's where I go when I've already read almost all of the fanfiction about a specific pairing and still want more, so basically it only happens if a) the pairing is rare/new or b) I'm going through one of those phases where I spend a lot of time reading fanfic and additionally don't get distracted by any new fandoms for a while.

So I was hanging out on this kink meme, looking for the fluff among the ... kinkiness. I don't mind the occasional bit of vaguely kinky sex in the middle of a fic that also has a proper plot or something, especially since I often skip the sex scenes anyway, but there are many things I have no interest in reading. Except on that day, I actually came across a prompt that involved a kink that I sort of ... have? Which is not a sex thing. Just a "may or may not possibly turn me on" thing. (No. Not telling. :P) And I was already amazed that somebody had even requested this, but then I discovered that the prompt had also been filled!

Obviously I needed to read that fic, although I felt slightly ashamed of it in light of who it was about. To be quite honest, I didn't think it was particularly well-written ... but it wasn't entirely bad, either. Then I had a look at the comments, curious as to other people's reactions. And I found one, anonymous of course, that basically TOLD THIS EXACT STORY. Like, "I normally don't visit kink memes for the kinky bits, I'm only here for the fluff, but wow, this is actually a kink that I'm into and I was so surprised to see this!!" Well, I'm paraphrasing because it's been a while and I feel like I might even be forgetting yet another aspect of the comment that I could relate to, but that was the gist of it.

I WANTED TO COMMUNICATE WITH THIS ANON SO BADLY. And, and. Oh gods. There was just no way. Never mind that it would have been nigh impossible to take the conversation elsewhere without revealing our identities to anyone, the thread was like two years old and the person had probably long forgotten that it existed. Besides, what could we have talked about anyway? "So are you also on the asexual spectrum or do you just really like fluff"?? "How do you feel about being into this"??? I think all I wanted was to have a bit of a ~fistbump~ moment. "Yay, we're not alone. Okay, bye."

On a slightly different note, I wish I could write, because I totally had this whole bag of ideas on how to make that fanfic better. And ... maybe not about the same people. =_=;;; although I must admit that one of them did make an excellent subject for why am I still talking
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Here, have a quick demonstration of the main difference between my usage of LJ and DW these days:

screenshots of my profiles on each site; way more comms on DW

Note that while there are many inactive ones included in these numbers on either site, on LJ some are also just there because I joined them to gain access to their archives or something and I filtered them out of my actual flist. I keep forgetting to check my "just reading" filter over there because nothing ever happens on it. Like maybe one post in two weeks during a particularly active period. :P

On Dreamwidth I keep joining communities instead. That's what happens if you're subscribed to [site community profile] dw_community_promo, I guess.

Slight Progress

Monday, October 31st, 2011 02:55 am
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I haven't had any brilliant time management ideas yet, but at least I'm making an effort to alternate between more productive and less productive internet activities today. And I try not to sit here on my chair for much longer than an hour at a time, which is going well so far.

The manner in which I am doing these things is half planned and half intuitive, i.e. completely incomprehensible to anyone but myself - just how I like my life best, really. :D
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I just wrote and then deleted this giant post about how I don't write as much as I'd like to anymore and how Tumblr is partly to blame for that, but then I realised what I was doing and it all sounded slightly too pathetic to be allowed to exist, so now you get this instead.

(It's not really Tumblr's fault. At least the pathetic things going on in my head are a little more complex than that.)

Basically what I wanted to get at is that I could do with some more structure in my life, which is to say any. Schedules and I don't mix very well, but there are other methods - I only have to pick one and try it out. Y'know, at some point in time when I'm significantly less tired than right now. -.-

(I had kind of hoped that I'd be able to metaphorically take some of the structure from the hospital home with me, by simply continuing to do things that I used to do there. It might even have worked if I hadn't concentrated on the sleep aspect too hard, but alas ...)

The trick is to remember that I mean to do this. I've got a strategically placed reminder for help, the rest is all crossed fingers and such.

Posts that are currently trapped in my brain: hopefully coming soon.


Tuesday, August 9th, 2011 06:18 pm
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I've got this strange thought stuck in my head, of metaphors for what each of the internet communities I'm a part of are like. I don't even know where the idea came from; suddenly it was just there: Tumblr as an ocean, Dreamwidth as a complex of caves. I wonder what LiveJournal could be - perhaps a city. An old city that used to be amazing once, but has lost its touch.

Hey, all of this makes a lot of sense! Which ... doesn't explain why I'm thinking it in the first place, but I guess I simply like metaphors. :P

If Tumblr is an ocean, then what does that make Twitter? A river? And Facebook, ugh! I can't get a feel for that one at all.

... I might be more insane than usual today. But, creativity! That's always a good thing, right? XD
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I have more than 50 icons now. More than 50 icons. :O (To those reading via LJ: talking about DW once again, btw.) And only 30 of them are mine! This is completely unprecedented. Never had a paid account before, anywhere. I'm certainly going to be on the lookout for even more icons and things to make icons out of from now on ...

However, I will most likely not be able to go online much during the next few weeks! Because THE FLAT IS MINE. :D I'm still waiting for the contract to be sent to me so I can sign it, but things have definitely been set into motion. I'll need to fix the floors and acquire a bed before I can actually move in, of course. No idea how long the entire process will take, but I imagine I'll be busy a lot in the near future. Once I'm there, I will obviously not have internet yet. Technically I won't even have a computer ... there's something I can hopefully do about that, though. And if that fails, I'm sure Daniel will let me use his from time to time.

I have decided that I want to paint the livingroom and the bedroom while I'm at it. It's mostly because someone seems to have done a really bad job of it before, but quite frankly I also just don't like the colour. Unlike the bathroom (a very nice spring green), the hallway (beige or off-white or somesuch) and the kitchen (don't remember, possibly yellow?), those two rooms are a terribly ugly shade of dark orange. o_O Thing is, now I suddenly need to come up with a colour of my own. I always expected the walls to be white and that I'd just leave them that way ... behold, a new challenge. XD
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My LJ calendar looks like some kind of pixelated spider creature today.

totally pointless picture
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Sometimes I get the impression that The Internet (which we all know is a living creature, of course :P) is deliberately trying to annoy me.

You see, it goes through these phases. Every few months, with almost frightening regularity, I find that there is suddenly way too much reading material to catch up on if I'm ever away for more than a day. So I cut down on things, maybe create a filter/list/group/folder for Unimportant Stuff that I can ignore in such instances, and for a while everything's fine. But then the opposite happens! Lately I am often done with my daily Places To Check process within five or ten minutes, even if I slept for an outrageously long time.

Now, it might seem logical to ask if this isn't my own doing. That's why I started this post with a "sometimes", I suppose - I really don't know. Maybe it's me, maybe there actually are times when people collectively start to post more or less often for some reason. Or just the people whose journals and blogs I read, through some sort of cosmic coincidence.

At any rate I have mixed feelings about what I'm doing right now, namely attempting to find more things to subscribe to, because I know that in a few months I'm only going to be fed up with it all again.

I'm a bit fascinated by how many different ways there are to use the internet, by the way. Sometimes I wonder if I shouldn't attempt bring some order into my current haphazard mix of LJ/DW, Twitter, Tumblr, Google Reader, dynamic bookmarks, forums and so on ... I hear there are people who manage to do everything they want through only one or two of these! XD
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You know, I always thought that Facebook was a great idea in theory. Before I realised what people were actually using it for, I sort of assumed it was the digital equivalent of a telephone book: a directory of names; the one place on the internet where it was pointless to not use your real one. For years I only had an account in case some random person unexpectedly wanted to find me, and I never visited the site at all unless I was searching for someone myself.

I still feel an irrational pang of disappointment whenever I see someone say that they're not on there, even though I completely understand why you might want to stay out of that mess. It's just, how am I supposed to find people?! Heh. Perhaps you can imagine how I felt when I first realised that phone books were opt-in, too. :P

It honestly saddens me how useless said phone books have become, by the way. Ten years ago it was still common practise to regularly look up people's numbers in them, now it doesn't even occur to me to try anymore. If you lose someone's number and don't happen to know either their email address or where they live, you're just screwed. Well, uh ... unless they're on Facebook, of course. XD Which only brings me back to: I always thought it was a great idea in theory.

If there was an alternative, I'd totally delete my account. And by "alternative" I don't mean yet another social networking website with most of Facebook's current features; I mean a searchable directory of as many people as possible. Wouldn't it be great if someone created something like that and made it so safe and easy-to-use that it would become extremely popular? I wish I had the skills and resources to do it myself.

Of course it would be neat if those who mostly use FB for its social networking capacities had an alternative as well, but that's at least been tried before. This, however? Never heard of such a thing, and that's a shame because I bet there are many more FB users like me, who only reluctantly signed up in order to search and be found.

Gah, now my head is filled with ideas and I have nowhere to put them.


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