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Sunday, May 1st, 2011 02:34 am
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Guh. Merlin's beard, I really missed the internet this time around. I wanted to talk to people, I wanted to google things, I ... craved fanfic like the socially deprived little creature that I am. o.O Also, for a while I was sick and could literally not do anything but play Dragon Age II - or solitaire, I suppose, but naturally I chose the more interesting option. One time I actually grew bored of it and spent an hour reading the codex instead because there was still nothing else for me to do. *facepalm* (Note to non-players: The codex is a collection of info and stories inside of the game's menu.)

((And then there were the two days when circumstances prevented me from playing. I shit you not, for some of that time I actualfax sat and stared at the wall.))

Unsurprisingly, my By Now Almost Traditional Offline Log™ got rather long as well. Shortening it until it's fit for posting might take a while, especially since half of it is also about DA2 and I don't want to bore everyone with that. Might dump those bits into the screenshot post I was planning to make if I can manage it.

For the moment, here's the biggest piece of news: MY BEDROOM IS FINISHED. :D So is the kitchen, except for the part where I can't afford cabinets and will have to make do with putting a bookcase there temporarily. All that needs to be done now before I can move in is to install a few more lamps and buy a shower curtain, I think. The living room can be done while I'm already sleeping there, right? Though I'm hoping that won't be necessary, which it won't if I have help and we're fast. So ... exciting times lie ahead!


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