Monday, November 29th, 2010 05:59 pm
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Timo upon seeing a picture of Merlin: "Watch that!"

Well, oops. XD I was rewatching some early episodes on the tv rather than the computer recently and then Timo and Daniel came in. Although the people on the screen were clearly speaking a language he couldn't understand, Timo insisted that he wanted to stay ... so I decided that since it wasn't a particularly violent episode, why not. Apparently he's a fan now. ;)

Also, I think I heard him mutter "spells" the other day ...

While I'm at it, let me explain my newest icon. You see, it's all Katie McGrath's fault. Who is lovely, by the way. So one day while I was bored, I kind of got stuck on YouTube and came across this interview in which she tries to say "Arthur becomes king." Except she doesn't, because what really comes out is "Arthur becomes quing. King. Quing?? Queen and king together? Oops!" :D :D :D That was so cute I just had to turn it into an icon.

(And I'm still locking posts for no good reason. Meh.)
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I suddenly want genderqueer!Morgana fanfic. o.O

... Such a thing does not exist, does it??

Now that I've thought of it (thanks, brain), I realise that I would love to read this kind of thing about any female character. But I doubt there is a list. This is frustrating, why did I have to get it stuck in my head?!
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Fun fact: If I had been born male, I might have been called Merlin. Yes, I know. The teasing! Well, it's possible that my mother wasn't being entirely serious when she told me this. That, or my memory is playing tricks on me since that conversation happened a very long time ago. Then again, my sister's name is Merle ... :D

So, speaking of Merlin. *senses everyone rolling their eyes* The thing is, I love that this show is not at all scary. It has magic and monsters and all kinds of evil things that could be scary if presented that way, but they're not. It's a nice change from Doctor Who and Torchwood, I have to admit. It seems that sometimes I just need to watch a bunch of adorable people being silly with swords and magic.
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I'm having fun. XD

more random thoughts, this time concerning episodes 2-4 )

Bonus lulz: Episode 3 had the faultiest subtitles ever. Highlights include:

- "In a land of myth and time of magic, the destiny of a great kingdom rests of shoulders on a young boy."
- "Wot are you doing?"
- "This city will be white dead." ...? (It was supposed to mean "wiped out".)

In the end I just turned them off. I had a harder time trying to figure out what they meant than understanding what people were saying! XD

Yes, uh. This has been a post.
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So ... I just watched the first episode of Merlin. :D

Some random thoughts it inspired:

- nice music
- Giles??!*
- Wait, weevils aren't just aliens from Torchwood?? *looks up word*
- Hi there Eve Myles! Is it your life's ambition to be in everything I watch?
- subtitles can be surprisingly entertaining
- especially when they suddenly go "OMINOUS MUSIC"

Okay, I think I'm going to like this.

*Sometimes I suddenly remember that there used to be a time when I watched Buffy. And then I can hardly believe it. That must have been ages ago! Oddly enough, I still know that a friend had to persuade me to give it a go and that most of what I saw was what she had taped off the TV in really bad quality, but don't ask me what happened in the series.


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