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Saturday, August 6th, 2011 10:50 pm
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I may have just made a cashier wonder what kind of person needs rice crackers and cheese so urgently on a Saturday night that they would rush into the supermarket shortly before closing time and buy nothing but those two things. Then again, maybe she was too eager to go home to pay attention. :P

It was odd being out and about this late - I almost felt as if I was doing something illegal. Small towns tend to get very, very quiet once it's dark, even though there are still people around. The loudest thing that happened was some dude saying "Grüß Gott!" either to me or to the man walking in front of me as I left the supermarket, which was puzzling not only because that greeting isn't exactly common around here, but also because I didn't know him and the man didn't react, so whichever of us he meant, he just loudly greeted a stranger for no apparent reason. And he didn't even seem drunk. Have I mentioned that people confuse me sometimes? ;)

I also thought it should be documented here, just for the record, that I watched X-Men: First Class yesterday. Well, mostly yesterday because next thing I knew it was suddenly 2 am. I enjoyed it rather a lot. Occasionally I forget that this type of movie is exactly my thing.

Venhedis! Fasta vass!

Thursday, May 5th, 2011 06:03 am
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(Shush, I've been waiting for a chance to use that. It sounds like such a satisfying curse, never mind that no one knows what it means.)

Gyahaha. Three weeks later and I am finding fanfic for my new favourite (and in light of recent conversations, mildly disturbing) pairing. Ooohh yesss. *rubs hands together excitedly*

What? What was that? I didn't say anything. (LOL, I have to think of Merrill's very convincing "I didn't hear anything" voice when you ask her what that strange noise was.)

Daniel has bought the PC versions of both Mass Effect parts in the midst of an altogether unreasonable money-spending spree. I don't know why he always does this, but it's not my problem anymore, so I decided to not even comment. Hooray! Unfortunately we were unable to get the first game to work on Windows 7, which is rather inconvenient because he never finished it when he borrowed the XBox 360 version once, and I saw even less of it. So now we're reluctantly starting on part two, by which I mean he's playing and I'm watching, as usual. I'm going to miss having someone around to watch playing games that I can't* play myself ...

It reminds me oddly of Dead Space. As if someone took Dead Space and Dragon Age, mixed them together and removed all the monsters.

FOR THE LOVE OF KITTENS WHY IS EVERYTHING ABOUT GAMES WITH ME LATELY. Well, surely moving into my own place without so much as a computer will put an end to that for a while. Oh wait. That will also put an end to writing. :| Still, the chances of a used laptop being able to handle any games whatsoever are slim and I'm not going to acquire any consoles for at least several months, so the point stands. I shall miss you, Anders.

Haha, I just remembered that my MP3 player can display text files. Badly. But technically I could put some fanfic on it in case of exceptional boredom ...

*I may or may not have explained this before. The main reason why I can't play shooters is that the act of aiming, especially if it has to be done fast, inexplicably makes my adrenaline spike until I'm shaking. Within about three minutes. Even Fable II was almost too much for me just because of all the blasted door opener thingies. Additionally, I'm one of those people whose brains can't handle certain types of 3-dimensional graphics, so I need to look away on a regular basis to prevent nausea even if I'm just watching. I know, pity me. :P
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My LJ calendar looks like some kind of pixelated spider creature today.

totally pointless picture
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I'm having fun. XD

more random thoughts, this time concerning episodes 2-4 )

Bonus lulz: Episode 3 had the faultiest subtitles ever. Highlights include:

- "In a land of myth and time of magic, the destiny of a great kingdom rests of shoulders on a young boy."
- "Wot are you doing?"
- "This city will be white dead." ...? (It was supposed to mean "wiped out".)

In the end I just turned them off. I had a harder time trying to figure out what they meant than understanding what people were saying! XD

Yes, uh. This has been a post.

Post of Randomness

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010 10:46 pm
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1. I spent 18 hours in bed earlier, most of them asleep. Personal record? I think so.

2. Episode 9 of season 5 was actually good. Wow.

3. For some reason I've had "Morning Glory" by Oasis stuck in my head since yesterday. I kept having these sudden urges to listen to it until I finally gave in and downloaded the album it's on.

4. I blame this post on my allergy meds. The lactose-free version makes me feel all wooooozy.

5. Need a little time to wake up wake up.

Over and out.

ETA: LMAO I NEVER REALISED THE IRONY OF POINTS 1 AND 5 PUT TOGETHER. Oh my life, it makes me LOL forever. Ye gods, I am rhyming.
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From the tv tropes page Don't Explain the Joke, on a list of situations in which jokes often get explained:
6. The joke is German, where a lot of jokes are explained in the end, for some reason.
... really??

Now watch as I spend the next two days trying to figure out whether this is true.


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