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Today in posts that I've been meaning to make for a while but kept forgetting about: WEIRD STARGATE FEELINGS.

Okay, I realise that like ... absolutely nobody who reads this is really a Stargate fan and I have no idea if any of you have even watched SG-1, ever (all I know is that one person has seen Atlantis), but I promise I'm not going to talk about anything specific from the shows, just ... well, my feelings. o.O

The thing is, I've been jumping from one fandom to the next very quickly since I started downloading TV shows, always almost completely abandoning the previous one when I got into something new. Yes, I keep up with the ones that are currently running and sometimes even get quite excited about a new episode, but ... that's it, then. I watch it, I do some incoherent babbling about it, I relive it once more through Tumblr because everyone's posting gifs and screencaps, and then I'm done.

Stargate is different. It feels special to me. I made it through ten seasons in a single month, and if I had a better computer, I probably would have started rewatching episodes already. Being a Stargate fan reminds me of being an X-Files fan, which is very odd because the shows themselves don't have much in common. There's the "we're clearly in love but cannot be together because of our work" Official Canon Couple, I suppose, and maybe grey aliens. I suspect that the humourous aspects are similar as well, but it's been so long since I last watched The X-Files that I can't be sure. (Note to self: I should do something about that.)

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I could go on for a while, but I know: nobody cares. My point is that I feel like I've unexpectedly stumbled upon something magical. I want more of it. I wish I had friends who were only discovering it now as well because then I'd have someone to discuss all the things with that are old news to everyone else. I want to list my favourite pairings to read fanfic about and actually get a response. THIS IS FRUSTRATING.


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