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Thursday, December 8th, 2011 01:05 pm
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As you might have guessed based on my sudden three-day absence, things didn't go so well. Then again, there used to be a time when a suspicious lack of posts from yours truly actually meant that I was feeling better than usual. Hm.

To make a long story short, I couldn't trick my brain into complying with a reasonable sleep schedule no matter what I did and eventually got tired of suffering the consequences of trying. I'm not even properly disappointed, I just wish I hadn't wasted any money on those valerian capsules. :|

For two days I simply went to bed whenever I got tired enough, but today I decided to stay awake a little longer again (since yesterday afternoon). Doing household stuff suddenly seems a whole lot easier, which is just typical. Can't get a thing done while sleeping "normally", but sleep deprivation does the trick. There's some logic for you.

In other news, I've kept in regular contact with Daniel and he appears to be capable of holding himself together while not drunk, which is quite the relief. We've also made plans regarding Timo's Christmas present and he has agreed to spend Christmas with me and my family, so all's pretty cool on that front.

Now for the most exciting part, except I'm kidding: THE FREAKING TRASH CONTAINERS ARE BACK. I only discovered it early this morning, sneaking around in the dark of night again. That was also quite the relief. I remain puzzled as to why they were ever gone in the first place, but I guess I will never find out. XD I'm just glad I can take out my trash whenever I wish again.
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I'm awake I'm awake I'm awake. This is such a relief.

I also think I may have spotted our trash containers back in the parking lot, which ... I'm not even going to comment on how very little sense that would make, buy hey. Once it's bright enough to actually see anything outside, I'll take another look.

I forgot to mention that I invented another way to make an Origami box the other day. Remember when that was sort of my thing? My quest for the perfect paper box?? (I haven't given up on my quest to find the perfect ketchup recipe, either. It's just on hold. XD) All I wanted was the ability to quickly make a simple, relatively stable, square box out of a single sheet of paper, and I thought it wouldn't be that hard to find instructions for one. I was wrong. I disliked the typical result that a search for "square origami box" would get you because it wasn't symmetrical and there were these pointless lose flaps covering the bottom of it. I don't like pointless lose flaps, okay? :P

So I went on to fold box after box, both simple and fancy, sturdy and decorative, square and not square ... until I eventually came up with a design of my own almost my accident. It was definitely a step up from anything I'd done before, but still not perfect. This new one isn't perfect, either ... but I like that it came to me so suddenly and that it's basically an inside-out version of the other one although I wasn't aiming for that and got the idea from a completely different kind of box. Now I've got two versions to choose from depending on what I want to put in them! You know, should I ever actually need a paper box. Which, uhm ... I am sure is going to happen one day. XD

I'd post a picture, but it's still a bit dark for that (though writing this certainly took a while) and I only have a neatly folded example of the one type at the moment. Maybe I'll do some more folding later.


Saturday, November 19th, 2011 12:25 am
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Ehehe. I said I was going to put my trash into another building's container, but then I went outside and saw a different opportunity present itself to me ...

So, the containers themselves are mobile and made of plastic. However, they are usually inside of this stone-and-metal construction with little doors in it through which you can throw the trash. Right? Now when they moved the plastic containers away, they "locked" those doors with cable ties and attached a note that said where they you could find the containers. They remained locked this entire time.

Until yesterday, apparently? Because when I got outside, I noticed that someone had cut the cable ties. At first I assumed that this meant I'd been worrying for nothing and the containers were finally back, but of course I had no such luck. I opened a door and there was nothing in there.

So what I did was, I decided to pretend that I hadn't noticed the lack of containers inside and simply threw my bags in anyway. =_=;

I hope nobody saw me. This is ridiculous.
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In addition to the bed that won't stop creaking, I've now got another ridiculous problem: disappearing trash containers. Yeah, I have no idea how that can even be a thing. They'd relocated ours to the parking lot behind the building before they started digging up our street to do who knows what down there, but the street has long since been restored and apparently they forgot to put the things back afterwards. Which was all nice and well as long as they remained in the parking lot, but then they started disappearing. I mean, WTF.

And it's not like it happened all at once or anything. I remember that a few weeks ago, I briefly wondered where the blue container for paper had gone, but didn't give it much thought because I didn't have any paper with me at the time. Then the rest went missing as well, one after the other. Now they're all gone. I've already had to throw my waste into the neighbouring building's containers twice because I was caught off guard by the absence of one of ours. Which made me feel terrible and like I was committing a crime. >_< By now, with none left, I just don't take out the trash anymore. Obviously that cannot go on for much longer.

I don't know what to do about this and I don't understand how it could even happen. I mean, it's been weeks. How many people/families live in my building, about 30 perhaps? What are the chances of nobody having complained yet?! Where are all those other people putting their trash?? I'd ask my next-door neighbours if only they spoke fluent German. The third flat on this floor is currently empty and I don't have the courage to ring a random bell upstairs where I've got no idea who lives there. Sorry, but no. Who knows what kind of person might open that door.

Of course, I suppose I could always ... be the one to do the complaining? But I still can't believe nobody has done that yet! WTF WTF WTF. I'm not even sure which number to call in case of something like this, seeing as it's a rather UNIQUE SITUATION. Augh. Sadly we don't have anything like a caretaker who lives right here, or else they probably would have noticed what was wrong on their own.

And the pathetic part is, I keep thinking that maybe I'm just missing something. Maybe there's a sign that I didn't see, maybe everyone else knows where the containers went. Which is a COMPLETELY IDIOTIC thing to think because there is no freaking reason for them to be anywhere but in their rightful place anymore. The street has been repaired.

I think tonight I'll dump a few more bags into another building's container - at least if I do it in the dark, nobody will see me ...

By the way, the bottle bank that used to be across the street hasn't been brought back, either. >_<


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