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Oh look, it's a new day. An actual, new, separate day. LOL. I can't believe I seriously stayed awake for 55 hours! That's three freaking days, even if "three days" makes you think of 72 hours at first. I got up Wednesday morning (albeit late) and went to bed Friday evening. Three. Days.

Let's hope I never do that again, shall we? It was way too easy in the end. I mean, I didn't feel any more tired than I usually do after one sleepless night - I'd almost say less. I didn't even experience any of the more unpleasant effects that not sleeping occasionally has on me, such as muscle pain, swollen fingers or being extremely cold. I felt cold for a few hours once or twice, but that was it.

Today I've already been grocery shopping, which was urgently necessary - somehow I never manage to buy enough for an entire week. Just when I thought I'd done it, I ran out of milk and sugar! I don't think I'd ever run out of sugar while actually needing it for something before. This time I wanted to make peanut butter cookies and couldn't. Normally I also don't need milk all that often ...

My body was doing a sort of "say no to solid food" thing this morning. I mentally went through everything I had that I might eat for breakfast, but none of it felt right. What I really wanted was to drink a number of different beverages, especially chocolate milk, which I only ever buy to drink on the go because it's expensive and I don't want it that often. Basically it's my special treat for whenever I have reason to enter the one store in town that sells it, or when I'm having a "fuck this day, I'm buying ALL the food" moment.

I figured since I needed to get groceries anyway, I could just postpone breakfast until afterwards and calm my stomach with chocolate milk on the way. So I went straight to the aforementioned store, fought off waves of nausea until I got there and felt ridiculous standing in line with nothing but a small container of chocolate milk. I do ridiculous things for the sake of liquid food, apparently.

(My body actually does this on a regular basis. I can usually stomach yogurt or pudding then, but of course I didn't have any this morning. Now I do. Hee. Pudding.)


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