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Told you there was going to be a post. Although, actually it is kind of rare for me to actually do the things I announce I am going to do, isn't it? At least not this soon.

so, EXTRA SPECIAL Dragon Age II screencaps )

I love it when other people post their characters, by the way. It's always so interesting to see what kinds of facial features they chose.
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So. Dragon Age II. I feel the need to inform you of my ~feelings~ about it. Because ... I have a lot of those.

First off, I was delighted to find that I could set the spoken language to English. YES. Finally I get to hear all those pretty, pretty accents! (And voices. Ugh, I could just listen to this game for hours. XD) For the text I chose German though, mostly so I would have a chance to recognise words from Origins. After my next playthrough, I think I'll set that to English, too. I want to know what everything's called!

Despite being hopelessly addicted (I've got three characters by now, with the first I finished the game and the second is currently stuck before the final battle due to an inconvenient decision), there are also a lot of things I found rather ... frustrating. Or inexplicable. For example, WTF happened to the darkspawn?? And certain reappearing characters. WHYYYYY. (I'm alright with the elves and qunari, oddly enough.)

No idea if there are differences depending on your choices, but I found the ending rather abrupt. And there was a battle about one third into the story that was so much more fun than the final one. I honestly didn't even recognise it as such, I thought the story wasn't over yet. :|

spoilers and random babbling )

ETA: Something I forgot earlier. I never thought I'd say this, but I miss the spooky athmosphere from the circle in Origins. Considering that the circle was always my least favourite part, I think that's saying something ...


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