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Saturday, September 10th, 2011 05:30 pm
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Can you scream quietly? ... I just said "Aaaaahh!" out loud, but not that loudly. So what kind of sound was that? ..... NEVER MIND.

....... Ahaha, now I've reminded myself of Star Ocean: The Last Hope. "It sounded like someone said, 'Aaaaahh!' - was it a scream?" LMAO. That was so not on purpose.

Goodness, I miss that game. I MISS HAVING AN XBOX.

So ... this was meant to be a serious post. Then I got distracted.
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So. Dragon Age II. I feel the need to inform you of my ~feelings~ about it. Because ... I have a lot of those.

First off, I was delighted to find that I could set the spoken language to English. YES. Finally I get to hear all those pretty, pretty accents! (And voices. Ugh, I could just listen to this game for hours. XD) For the text I chose German though, mostly so I would have a chance to recognise words from Origins. After my next playthrough, I think I'll set that to English, too. I want to know what everything's called!

Despite being hopelessly addicted (I've got three characters by now, with the first I finished the game and the second is currently stuck before the final battle due to an inconvenient decision), there are also a lot of things I found rather ... frustrating. Or inexplicable. For example, WTF happened to the darkspawn?? And certain reappearing characters. WHYYYYY. (I'm alright with the elves and qunari, oddly enough.)

No idea if there are differences depending on your choices, but I found the ending rather abrupt. And there was a battle about one third into the story that was so much more fun than the final one. I honestly didn't even recognise it as such, I thought the story wasn't over yet. :|

spoilers and random babbling )

ETA: Something I forgot earlier. I never thought I'd say this, but I miss the spooky athmosphere from the circle in Origins. Considering that the circle was always my least favourite part, I think that's saying something ...

Uhh ... right.

Thursday, August 26th, 2010 12:29 pm
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The guy whose XBox we'd borrowed finally decided that he wanted it back, so I thought I'd go on a hunt for some old PS2 games that I might be able to acquire for very little money by now. I spent a long time on GameSpot, reading reviews and watching gameplay videos, until I had found three games that looked interesting. Today I looked them up on Amazon, followed by Ebay ... AND THEY WERE ALL FREAKING EXPENSIVE. o_O Am I missing something here? Did I accidentally pick the three most wanted PS2 games ever?! (For the record, they were Tales of Legendia, Tales of the Abyss and Radiata Stories.)

Well, I might be exaggerating a little, but 30-40 euros for a used copy is unusual even for PS3 or 360 games. These are old - and it's not that they're rare, either. Two of them you can still buy new. WTF?

... I foresee boredom in my future.
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I never mentioned that our XBox 360 died, did I? In any case that's why I suddenly stopped mentioning Final Fantasy XIII after I'd been so excited about it for a while. Daniel's borrowed someone else's 'box now, so I've been playing again, but I have yet to actually advance in the story.

I just briefly wanted to say that it annoys me when people talk about the XBox version as if it's obvious that everyone will agree when they say that the PS3 graphics are better. I've seen both. On a HD screen there's hardly a difference and on an old tv the XBox totally wins. (But don't listen to me; I'm just a weirdo who doesn't even like HD screens. What?? You can see all the edges! I don't like edges. o.O I mean, being able to read the text without squinting is nice and all, but Daniel uses our computer screen to play games sometimes and I seriously can't watch him for longer than two minutes without getting a headache. It's TOO SHARP. *shrugs*)

Speaking of television, I'm a bit annoyed that I can't watch the world cup. I should have thought of that earlier. We did consider getting some sort of cheap receiver after we cancelled our cable tv subscription, but then we forgot about it because it never seemed important ... except right now. Oops. Daniel doesn't care about football at all and outside of the world cup I don't, either, but usually I do allow myself to get sucked in every four years. Not enough to ask a random neighbour if I can watch it with them, though. Argh.


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